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Allows the player to wear circlets with most helms/hoods/hats

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I have stopped all work on this, so here are instructions on how to patch other mods to work the same way

Open the creation kit, and load the mods you want, then find the headgear
you want to use with circlets and right-click, and select Edit.
In the center of the new window are Biped Objects, find 42-Circlet in the
list, and deselect it. Do this to all helmet mods you need.

There you have it, the headgear can now be worn with circlets.

To hide the circlets but still wear them, change all circlets from 42 Circlet to 44 Unnamed



Just a simple mod that allows the player to equip circlets with their helmets, hats, and hoods. Useful to mages and enchanters!


Now with addon for Dragon Priest Masks and Masque of Clavicus Vile!

Use "H&C for VGR" file instead of the original file if you use Every city has various guards oufit TS Edition by TS

Download the optional file as well if you use mods with custom helmets (Disables the circlet visuals but allows them to be worn with most custom helms)


To install: Just unzip the file and drop the plugin to your data folder

Known bug: Some clipping can occur with helms that sit close to the head, such as Iron Helmet.
Version History:
1.0 - Original File
1.1 Added optional "catch all" for custom mods
1.2 Made compatible version for TS's VGR mod
1.3 Uploaded Mask addon
1.31 Added a missing item in the Custom Compatible file
1.32 Added missing item in Main Files