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If you work in a Call center you will be able to relate to this mod. Adds 3 new words of Power 1st word Take 2nd Word A 3rd Word Call. When you combine them you get a Powerful new Shout Take A Call.

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This Mod is for anybody who has ever had to work in a call center where you have to take a call when a person tells you to.

It adds a new shout to the game Take A Call. 

To learn the shout you will need to learn the words via console command. Working on an easier way I literally made this mod in a few hours. 

player.teachword 070012cf to learn the first word Take
player.teachword 070012d0 to learn the second word A
player.teachword 070012d1 to learn the third word Call

In case you don't want to bother killing those pesky dragons you can get Dragon Souls via console command as well.

player.forceav dragonsouls 3

If the commands above do not work then use help "Take" then look for the WOOP = "Word of Power" then teach the shout using the id you see.

The mod is a joke if you want to know the actual effect it makes, it’s just Unrelenting Force Fus Ro Dah effect. 

The replacer version is now out working on getting the vanilla lines in the shout removed. 

I also uploaded a video of the Replacer version. 

I Uploaded a video of the Take A Call Standalone Version.

Happy Modding!