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Skyrim music is not that consistent in terms of loudness level. Most notably, combat and level-up music is a lot louder than regular ambient music and may be too jarring for many users. This mod makes the loud music quieter by 6db.

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This just replaces some files in 'SSE High Quality Music' with quieter versions of the same audio. 

To install, download the files and put them in <your skyrim folder>/data/music

I think the reason this work is that Skyrim prioritizes the files under directory when looking for music assets; only if they don't exist does it use the default .bsa files. 

I'm not sure if 'SSE High Quality Music' is required, but it doesn't hurt to download it as well, before replacing the combat and level-up files with these.

How I made this mod: Using https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3663 to convert sound files from 'SSE High Quality Music', converted .xwm to .wav and used Audacity to bring down volume 6db, then converted it back to .xwm making sure to use the highest bitrate.