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This mod adds a small cave to the outskirts of Riverwood. It can be used as a basic/beginner, temporary or permanent player house.

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Crystalspring Hollow is a small cave found under a hollow tree near Riverwood. The entrance to the cave is a trap door hidden in the hollow trunk and surrounded by shrubbery. It is located a little bit west of Riverwood, across the river itself. (If you reach Anise's Cabin, you've gone too far west.) It is easy to get to and includes a map marker for ease in finding it and returning by fast travel. Inside the cave is a bedroll, an alchemy bench, an alchemist's pouch, a cooking pot, and a knapsack. The knapsack holds some lockpicks, and the alchemist's pouch has a minor assortment of beginner alchemy items. There are also a few gold pieces, bottles of ale and mushrooms scattered around the cave, along with a lore-friendly journal to tie the location into the game world. It is by no means meant to be a cheat or an overpowered mod. It is meant only as a makeshift house in which to store your items (and relax,) until you can afford to buy one in a city. It also works great for any roleplayers that wish to be a cave-dwelling Dovahkiin. Check the banner image to see where the cave is located in relation to Riverwood on the map.

The knapsack and alchemist's pouch are set to be non-respawning, so anything you store inside them should remain safe indefinitely (I've never had an issue.) The various flavor items (gold pieces, ale, journal, etc.) are set to be non-respawning. The mushrooms, workbenches and static decor items are set to respawn (because most static decorations seem to have that flag for some reason.) I have not tested dropping loose items or equipment in the cave, so I'm not sure if manually placed decor items will remain safe. The cave is set with keywords appropriate for a player home, so I might assume that they would be okay, but I'm not certain. If you decide to try it, please leave a comment to let me know how it works for you. However, it's probably best to stay on the safe side and store important items only in the knapsack or alchemist's pouch. Also, please be aware that the cave is intended for a single Dovahkiin; espoused Dovahkiins or those with children will have to invest in a home more suitable for family life. The cave is navmeshed, though, so followers can accompany you inside.

Drop the CrystalspringHollow.esp into your ...\Skyrim\Data folder and activate the .esp in the Skyrim launcher or through a mod manager.

Delete the CrystalspringHollow.esp from your ...\Skyrim\Data folder.

*Note: Most people advise to not add or remove .esp files in the middle of a playthrough, but this mod contains no script, mesh or texture files. It is simply an .esp file using only assets that are in the base game; it's likely safe to add or remove it in the middle of a playthrough, but it's probably better to avoid it if possible.

This mod edits the exterior Tamriel cell "Wilderness" at coordinates (2, -11); it will conflict with any other mods that edit the same cell. It also adds a custom interior cell, which should have no conflicts.

I've been using this mod for a long time and have had no issues with it, and decided to share it with the public. It's very basic and simplistic, containing no custom scripts or anything of that sort. I don't anticipate any bugs or problems, since it's such a simple mod, but you never know. If you have any issues with the mod, please leave a comment/report and I will try to address it. Aside from fixing problems, I don't plan to work with or change the mod any further, so please don't request additional features.

Please feel free to share any screenshots you take of your Dovahkiin enjoying the location.