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My forever-cold scaly grump for your travels! Give him a coat and don't take his horns!

Permissions and credits
Thanks to Causticwitch for CK magic!

Caustic and I worked on my character J'A along time ago,
I didn't released him but I think now is a good time so why not?

Please send your praise to Causticwitch! They did a fantastic job!

~About J'A~
J'A or Joor Aus Krii, once served Alduin loyally.
But due to an unforeseen coup d'etats, he vanished.
Now, he is  somewhere out of time in Skyrim!
Lost, angry, extremely cold, and naked...lul...
Find him and give him some clothes! Maybe a tour of the town!
It's up to you what you do with him ^-^

Class: Ice mage! Oh, the irony~
Voice Type: Teldryn Sero Voice~
Find him in Nightgate Inn~
Fun Fact: His hair is not hair, they are puffy feathers. Which is why he has no eyebrows.

His horns are in his inventory, give him something to equip and he will put them on.
His underwear is apart of his body, he's shy.


Dragonic Textures
Monster Eyes
KS Hair
Miraak Reincarnation Race
Born Dragon Skin
TDN Horns
KX Hairs

Screenshots taken with Snapdragon Prime ENB
Enjoy! :D