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Three Voice Resources by Kikiapplus that can be plugged into new or existing followers as a single master, ready to go out of the box. Works natively with the existing vanilla follower system.

Permissions and credits
CVR Follower Voices
Vanilla Voice Framework for Voices by Kikiapplus

SSE Version HERE
(Universal Patches are available on the SSE page)

- Three new voice types (plus 2 variants each), for a total of 9 voices that can be used in new or existing follower mods:
- cvrFemaleRose
- cvrFemaleRoseLight
- cvrFemaleRoseDeep
- cvrFemaleSalty
- cvrFemaleSaltyLight
- cvrFemaleSaltyDeep
- cvrFemaleSweet
- cvrFemaleSweetLight
- cvrFemaleSweetDeep

- Possible other voices by Kikiapplus, in the future.

- Built as an esp with the master flag on, so that you can plug it into mods easily.
- Existing framework that supports the vanilla follower system out of the box.
- Supports Amazing Follower Tweaks, Enhanced Follower Framework and Nether's Follower Framework via installation options (FOMOD). Other multi-follower frameworks, you need to handle followers like you would a custom voiced vanilla follower.
- Supports Marriage, with all lines voiced (except "I do").  Hooks into the vanilla marriage system while being as unintrusive as possible.
- Includes over a hundred lines for each follower, some lines edited/spliced.
- Voice line sounds are normalized logically, to be as audible as vanilla follower voices.
- Does not include any lines that assume any follower has specific knowledge of locations as I wanted this to be generic with the option of modders expanding on it using Kikiapplus' resources to do so.
- Includes some lines for in-game events (dungeon/cave discovery, dangerous enemy, beautiful sight).
- Nearly all idle lines are on a 1-hour cooldown between saying a choice of different lines, just like standard follower comments
- Idle lines are logical and location-appropriate.
- Some of the snarkiness of the Salty voice is reduced (not removed, just subdued).

- Delivered as a FOMOD installer for ease of installation.

- Does NOT modify the vanilla follower quest (DialogueFollower) nor modify/use its scripts.
- Does NOT put followers with these voices into any quest aliases.
- Makes use of it's own Dialogue Quest, purely for dialogue purposes and for running a master script that sends recruit/dismiss/wait, etc, to the dialogue follower quest script. Nothing runs in the background.
- Does make use of RelationshipMarriage, RelationshipMarriageWedding and RelationshipMarriageFIN but only adds new lines. Does NOT add any new topics.
- Does make use of FollowerCommentary01, FollowerCommentary02 and FollowerCommentary03 just to add some lines specific to these voices.
- Otherwise should have no conflicts with anything. One dirty edit on RelationshipMarriageWedding to put the custom followers slightly above the "I do" phase, so they can nod during that scene.
- Solid attempt to be as compatible with everything else as humanly possible.

- Does not natively include Hearthfires support at this time. Will not affect child adoption, they will just not interact or make child comments.  Possibly coming at a later point.
- I will not rework the mod to accomodate the variety of different multi-follower mods. As stated above, handle the voices as you would for a follower with a custom voice set up for the vanilla system.  In AFT, I think you may need to use Tweak Make Follower.
- This is an "Early Version" release for feedback purposes but it is not a "beta", it is entirely usable, just not a full range of voices yet.  Please do comment if you find issues or bugs or something just doesn't work right.  I'm only going to "fix" things as far as making these voices do what a vanilla follower voice would do (when it is possible to do it and the required lines exist), not replicate features of mod X, Y or Z.



- You can use this Framework as a voice for a new follower mod by adding as a master and just selecting one of the new voices.  You set it up just like you would if you were using a vanilla voice (FemaleYoungEager, FemaleSultry, etc).
- You can use Kikiapplus' Resources on your own to add additional class/location/etc specific lines to make your own custom follower unique.


- You can use this Framework to change the voice of an existing follower, best used on a follower mod rather than an in-game follower.
- You should be able to swap out any vanilla voice (FemaleYoungEager, FemaleSultry, etc) for a voice in this mod.
- The follower should not be using custom or re-repurposed dialogue of any kind, we are talking truly generic followers here.
- Swapped out voices will not use "Shared" vanilla dialogue lines that some mods use for convenient dialogues.
- Do not do this on custom followers with unique voices (Vilja, Recorder, Arissa, Mrissi, and so on).
Easy method to switching out a voice (requires xEdit, you can opt to do with Creation Kit instead but this is quicker).
- Open xEdit. Select your follower and nwsCVRFollower.esp ONLY.
- Once all is loaded, right-click on the follower "esp" and choose "Add Masters".
- Select "nwsCVRFollower.esp".
- Collapse the follower esp (if expanded) and re-expand.
- Expand "Non-Player Character (Actor)" and scroll down to "VTCK - Voice".
- Select the vanilla voice displayed and hit F2 (say "yes" to the warning box).
- Scroll down to one of the voices offered in this framework, will start with "cvrFemale".
- If you do not see the new voices, go ahead and close xEdit, allowing it to save the follower esp and then re-open xEdit with ONLY the follower selected (the master will be added automatically).
- After changing the voice, exit xEdit, allowing it to save (and backup) your follower mod.
* If you attempt this on a follower you are already married to, in-game, first make sure she lives in a vanilla house (not in a built house from Hearthfires)

Direct Questions and Concerns to the Skyrim SE page HERE