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This mod solves the problem where melee and bow characters can basically attack indefinately whereas mages are defenceless after a few seconds of casting.
Now essential spells are free.

*None* Plug-in play! Ba-dum-tishhhh!... I'll show mys

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I'm not sure if it's me or the game being buggy but with vinilla skyrim dual casting the lesser ward (I have not tested the steadfast nor the greater ward) causes you to take more damage than with a lesser ward in each hand.
Hense I might disable dual casting effects in future. This could potentially, not nessesarily create incompatibilities with other mods that might fix this or have perks to impliment this differently but to cause any stat changes to not occur.

1) I have made some other changes such as the damage reduction of physical attacks from wards has been increased amongst some others.

2) I do not make mods, this was just a big issue in a playthrough of mine. I discovered it hadn't been resolved by any mod - then made this one. So don't expect to get snappy updates.