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BHUNP, CBBE, and UUNP bodyslide conversion as well as body preset meshes for Zzjay's Wardrobe. Tons of options, tons of conversions now in a fomod installer.

Permissions and credits
09/12/2020: I don't need to tell you that 2020 has been a challenging year...more for some than most. I seriously didn't think that this year was going to be how it is now when the New Year's ball dropped in New York's Times Square. I thought that it was going to be like any other year like before. Me releasing conversions I've made over the span of the year, and updating some for innovative mods like BHUNP and SE CBBE 3BBB. But a lot has changed. While some people are working from home, or at home because they have no job yet,  taking classes online, and also the few that are working harder than they ever had before because their "essential".  Normally I would be focused, diligent, and on time with updating my conversions, but this year, I've been working so hard at work because I'm essential that I'll come home so scatter-brained that I can't even focus on what I need to do to get things done. Almost as if I have adult adhd. And sadly it's not just modding, it has also spilled into my personal life as well.  I know many of you have been dming me about this particular conversion for sometime and why it was hidden to begin with. I've never...not once...had to hide a mod that I was updating, but this year I feel like I have to to give myself breathing room to cope. I'm not making excuses. It's just how 2020 is.

Anyway...I hope you enjoy the new fomod installer and all the options that come with it.

Love you all! <3

zzjay's wardrobe (Kinda a given)
BodySlide and Outfit Studio
XPMSE (Only for HDT and Immersive flavors)

Once loaded up on Vortex (if currently using) or any other mod manager, fire up BodySlide. Once in BodySlide click over to "Group Filter". The conversion should show up right away, if not click on the "magnify glass" and click refresh groups. Three options will pop up:

Zzjay's Armor Wardrobe (CBBE) HDT
Zzjay's Armor Wardrobe (CBBE) Immersive (HDT + Non HDT)
Zzjay's Armor Wardrobe (CBBE) Non HDT


Zzjay's Armor Wardrobe BHUNP (Physics)
Zzjay's Armor Wardrobe BHUNP (Immersive Physics)

Choose your flavor and build. With love <3

All credit goes to zzjay for giving me permission to publish my conversion. Without her work none of this would be possible.
Ousnius and Caliente for making BodySlide and Outfit for nerds like me to make conversions.
Groovtama for making amazing HDT skeletons and without ctd ( least not too much)

Mods used in screen shots:
Rudy ENB
Facelight Plus
Mikan Eyes
Improved Eyes Skyrim
KS Hairdos + KS Hairdos-HDT Physics
Halo's Poser (Google it)