Mindy Clarkson - Smart-Mouthed Breton Tough Girl by Blankstate
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"A short-tempered, foul-mouthed, improper tomboy, Mindy didn't fit in well with other girls in Daggerfall so a life of adventure seemed like it would do the trick. After a series of unfortunate events, she ended up in the snowy landscape of Skyrim. After making a few unsavory connections in Windhelm she was well on her way to explore a dungeon when Imperial forces fell upon her and threw her in a cart with a rough-looking bunch of Nords."

This Save Game file puts you in control of Mindy Clarkson, a trash-talking, short-tempered Breton girl from Daggerfall.

Her skills have been modified to suit her background and personality. Her starting equipment has also been modified. Please read 'Mindy Clarkson README.txt' for more information.

To install, unpackage the RAR file and drop ‘Mindy Clarkson.ess’ into your /My Games/Skyrim/Saves folder. The base of this directory will vary depending on your operating system. This save is numbered 49, so it may appear at the top or bottom of your queue depending on your number of saves.

*** Please note that when loading this save game you may/will receive a prompt notifying you that the save relies on content unavailable in your game. See below for a list of modifications which affect Mindy's appearance. ***

*** Please also note that there was no way for me to force her to equip her modified clothing. You will have to equip it manually as soon as you are able to access the Items menu. ***


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