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Replaces Nirn's twin moons with a more conventional, luminescent lunar body.

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"Operation Jove, sir. We take out the second moon."
                                                       - Unknown Court Adviser

Replaces Masser and Secunda with a single, bright, pale moon, also adding a luminous effect.
While somewhat (considerably) larger than our own local moon, and sharing its appearance, size is reduced to be closer to our own rather than the looming, colossal vanilla moons.

Contains replacement textures for Masser, moonshadow, and Secunda, and a small, scriptless .esp to modify the size of Masser and eliminate Secunda from the sky.

Appearance and severity of the corona effect will depend greatly on cloud cover, and your ENB [sky] settings. Near to default moon intensity and curve with a high moondesaturation are recommended, or at least what I had in mind.

If you have existing mods which depend on the cycle of Masser, they should remain unaffected, as far as I know. Things which depend on Secunda, I don't know, they probably won't be happy. Find out. If you are the type of pilgrim who has a special relationship with the moon however, you are probably used to this, and are very welcome to make the modifications your lifestyle choices demand.

While the assets contained herein are entirely original, this mod blatantly reverse engineers methods utilised by Isoku's Moon Glow, and akindain's No Secunda, either or both of which you may alternatively enjoy.
As a result, I extend thanks to both authors.