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You can kill Rolff, and there is literally nothing stopping you from doing it. Just kill him! Do it!

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When you first enter Windhelm, you're treated to a scene of Rolff bullying a hapless dark elf woman. He doesn't exactly stop there, being a plague on the dark elf population and expressing his wishes for violence to be inflicted on them and on the Argonians. Any upstanding Dragonborn would love to put a permanent stop to this racist public menace. And yet, he's marked as essential, making him unkillable. Besides, if you did kill him, you'd get a big ol' bounty on your head, and you might lock yourself out of a radiant quest in the future, right?

Not anymore!

This mod makes three primary changes to the game:

  1. Rolff is no longer marked as an essential NPC.
  2. Rolff is no longer a possible target for a radiant quest.
  3. Attacking and killing Rolff does not cause any negative effect. You don't get a bounty, and no matter who happens to be watching, no one will intervene. You can stab him in the middle of Candlehearth Hall and the other customers will react like it's a run-of-the-mill brawl. He's a public menace, after all!

Please endorse if you find this mod useful, and let me know if there are any bugs!

  • If there's enough interest in it, I'll add a feature where you can bring him back so you can kill him again.