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Another balance patch for "JRC's Witcher Style Sword Pack". Weapon damage is reduced to be less over-powered and fit better with vanilla weapon damage. Steel vs Silver damage is also adjusted for improved balance.

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The swords in "JRC's Witcher Style Sword Pack" are over-powered compared to vanilla weapons. By default, the mod's most powerful swords are about 3x more powerful than Daedric swords.

This is a simple patch I made for myself that just reduces the damage stats of these swords to near-vanilla levels. (I have since stopped using JRC's mod since I consider the "The Witcher 3 Weaponry" mod to be better, but if you still use JRC's mod, this patch may be of use to you)

Adjustment of damage stats was done by hand, but loosely follows this formula:

(default over-powered damage - 8) /3 + 8 = new balanced damage.

This way the most powerful swords are still a bit more powerful than Daedric, but no longer 3x more. The weakest swords remain largely unchanged, equivalent to a standard steel sword.
The most powerful 2-handed swords now do slightly less damage per hit than 2h Daedric, but swing faster, so the DPS is still slightly higher than 2h Daedric. (The faster 2h swing speed is preserved from JRC's mod)

Also, the base damage stats of the silver swords has been further reduced slightly, so that their steel counterparts now do more damage against normal enemies. But, the silver swords still do more damage against vampires, werewolfs, and undead.

And finally, the relic swords that can be found in the world have their stats further reduced slightly, so that they are less over-powered if a low level player finds them early on in their game. But many of them will still have stats close to Daedric level, and a few will still be slightly more powerful than Daedric. I tried to compromise.

But what about that other vanilla rebalance patch by Cupressi?
Both our patches are similar, but have some differences. Just pick the one you prefer.
The differences:
1. Cupressi's patch focuses on making 2h damage higher than 1h damage, but does not adjust the 2h swing speed to compensate, and therefore makes the 2h swords overpowered compared to their 1h equivalents.
2. Cupressi's patch is more aggressive at reducing 1h damage to so that none of the 1h swords are better than Daedric 1h. My mod allows a few of the best 1h swords to be slightly more powerful than 1h Daedric.
3. Cupressi's patch allows relic swords to be tempered, while my patch retains JRC's original state where relics can't be tempered.
4. Cupressi's patch does not further reduce relic and silver damage they way my patch does (as explained above).