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Sabretooth is a balanced sabrecat companion, that scales both in size and strength with your level. It is obtained through a early (very short) quest near Riverwood. You can control Sabretooth through interactive dialogue commands, or you can ask him to follow with the use of a Z-button lesser power shout (doesn't have shared cooldown with shou

Permissions and credits

Sabretooth has now been updated to version 3.0! I mostly tested this version on the Special Edition, so let me know if there are any issues and I will try to fix them in the following weeks. 

Sabretooth is an attempt to make a balanced and interesting Sabrecat companion. Sabretooth's effectiveness is determined by his level and by the strength of your relationship with him. Expect him to gain perks and fight more fiercely as he grows more attached to you. Sabretooth is obtained through an early and very short quest near Riverwood. Throughout your travels you will gain three balanced but game-altering perks as your relationship with Sabretooth improves. You can command Sabretooth through shouts, or through conventional dialogue. More in-depth information can be found below. 

Where can I find Sabretooth?
He can be found near the main entrance of Riverwood. Check the images for the exact location. 

Features and information
Sabretooth is slightly different than most companion mods. First of all, Sabretooth gains extra perks and stats as his bond with you grows. You can increase your bond with Sabretooth through most activities. For example - clearing dungeons, killing enemies and just spending in-game time with him. Just play Skyrim as you would always play it, and your bond will increase automatically. If your 'bond experience' passes a threshold, then you and Sabretooth will gain an extra perk the next time you level up. 

Companion Bond Levels
Currently there are four 'Companion Bond levels'. Bond levels 2, 3 and 4 result in a game-altering perk. The aim of these perks (and this whole mod) is to spice up the gameplay in a few interesting ways, without requiring the player to equip spells. Furthermore, the bonuses shouldn't just buff you passively, but require some awareness, reaction and decision-making from the player. I personally dislike follower mods that just add a meat-shield to the table. Sabretooth is weaker when it comes to damage and tanking, but in return he adds some interesting combat utilities. These are the three perks that you can attain after reaching certain relationship levels:

Companion Bond level 1 - The bond between you and Sabretooth has improved. Sabretooth fights more fiercely and has grown larger.

Companion Bond level 2 - The bond between you and Sabretooth has improved further. You will enter a state of wild fury when Sabretooth is bleeding out. The fury is recognizable by your red hands and a loud heartbeat. It will improve your attack speed and destruction damage by 15% for 10 seconds. 90 second cooldown.

Companion Bond level 3 - You and Sabretooth are now close companions. Sabretooth will now violently knock away your attacker when you are close to dying. He needs to be relatively close to the attacker, and he cannot knock away enemies when he is bleeding out. The strength of the knockback depends on the base health of Sabretooth relative to the base health the attacker. Some enemies are immune to the knockback. This effect has a 90 second cooldown.

Companion Bond level 4 - You and Sabretooth are now inseparable companions. Killing an enemy during wild fury will now reinvigorate you and Sabretooth. Sabretooth will instantly be healed to 40% of his maximum health, and you will gain 40% of your maximum magicka and maximum stamina back. Can only occur once per wild fury. To remind you, a wild fury occurs when Sabretooth is bleeding out and has a 10 second duration with a 90 second cooldown. Also, Sabretooth's knockback is now stronger and also has a 60 second cooldown.

Customizable Textures
Sabretooth has access to a few different textures. You can simply change between textures through his dialogue. There's currently a tiger texture, a black panther texture, a snowy texture and of course the default Sabrecat texture!

Sabretooth's damage, health and size scale in two ways. Firstly, they all scale with the level of the player. Secondly, the companion bond also has a slight impact on his size and the amount of damage Sabretooth does. Size has a maximum to make sure he doesn't grow out of control. Keep in mind that Sabretooth's damage and health is lower than most followers, since he already gets a few combat utility perks and I want to keep him balanced. 

If you desperately want to make him stronger or weaker, then you can do so using the console. Simply open the console, target Sabretooth by clicking him and type '
forceav AttackDamageMult X'. Change X with a number. E.g. 1 would be the default, 2 would be twice the damage and 0.5 would be half damage. 

Commanding Sabretooth
Sabretooth is controlled similarly to most followers. Simply talk to him to make him follow you, wait at a spot etc. You can also ask him to move away from you incase he is blocking your way. You can also tell him to move to Breezehome. You can ask him to learn you some commands. This will give you access to a few powers that allow you to control him from a distance (useful if you want to call him when he's at home or lost). Keep in mind that it may take awhile before he's reached you again! Circumvent this by waiting for a few hours. 

Small features
Sabretooth is extremely hard to detect, and his light feet don't trigger any traps. Also, he won't become hostile if you accidentally damage him during combat. 

FAQ / Known Issues

Q:I can't talk to Sabretooth the first time I meet him!
Simply save and reload. You should be able to talk with him again. This is a known issue which happens to some users, and I'm not sure how to permanently solve it. 

Q: Can you let me ride Sabretooth?
At this time I have no plans to implement such a thing. 

Q: Sabretooth occasionally lies down for a long time before following me again!
This is a side-effect of sabrecat's animations and behaviors. There's a way to fix this by changing the animations, but I honestly kind of like this unintentional 'bug'. Seems very fitting for a cat. 

Q: Can you make Sabretooth stronger/weaker?
Read the scaling section above. 

Q: I lost Sabretooth and I don't have the 'follow me, Sabre'  spell learned yet!
If you send him away then he's probably in Breezehome. If you made him wait somewhere then open the console and write 'SetStage DialogueFollowerSabretooth 10'. 

Q: Why can't Sabretooth carry items for me?
It didn't make much sense to let a sabrecat carry all this stuff for you in his coat. Furthermore, there's already plenty of ways/mods to make carrying stuff less of a pain, should you want to make it easier.

Q:You haven't responded or updated the mod in awhile!
Sorry if this happens. I enjoy making mods, but I find it very challenging to help people with mod issues forever. If this happens, my apologies in advance! 

Q:Can you make a version for the old skyrim?
I may do this later, if there's enough demand for it. 

Q:Can you make a version for the console?
Currently I have no plans to do this. I may consider it later after figuring out how to do it. 

Credits to Slof for the snow and tiger textures!