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Adds a Gnome race to the game, based on the Gnomes from Warcraft lore.

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Adds two races to the game, Gnome and Gnome child, based on the Gnomes of Warcraft lore.

Version 2.0 uses a custom skeleton, shrunken to the appropriate size (slightly shorter in stature than a child) with a comically large head. I also switched the morph copy race from Breton to Imperial, since the stock Bretons don't have a youthful appearance. The scale has been adjusted up to normal values, and they derive their short stature entirely from the custom skeleton.

Gnomes have increased Magicka and double base magicka regen, making them excellent spellcasters; they also are above average at the stealth arts.
+5 each to Conjuration, Illusion, Restoration, Sneak, Alchemy, Alteration, and Pickpocket

Gnome children will appear in their underwear due to how Skyrim handles armor on child races. My mod "Playable Children PLUS" addresses this issue for the starting clothing. There are other mods which are much more thorough.

Also note that in order to complete the Dark Brotherhood questline you will need Higher Magic DB CookQuest Fix. This is a custom race fix, which allows the conversation with the Solitude cook to proceed.

==TO DO==
Make a vampire version to allow for Gnomish Vampires. I really don't have a good handle on how vampire-version races work. I don't know what'll happen if you try to become a vampire. I'll endeavor to learn about it.

---Old version---
Version 1.0 is essentially a scaled-down Breton race, with racials appropriate for Gnomes.

Adult male: .75 scale
Adult female: .7 scale
Child male: .6 scale
Child female: .56 scale

Vanilla children are .8 scale