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A model replacer for Daedric and Bound arrows and quiver. It changes the arrowheads from the pincer-like design to a pointed shape, and changes the quiver to a completely new mesh that better matches the rest of the daedric equipment. It also adds glowing parts to the daedric quiver and arrows.

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Skyrim's daedric arrow design has always seemed weird to me. The pincer-like tip, the lack of glow, the fact that the quiver is literally just a retexture of the iron arrow quiver, and just overall the crudeness of the design. 

This mod is my idea of how they should look. I designed the arrows to more closely match the rest of the daedric weapon designs, with pointy tips, serrated edges, and glowing patches. The quiver I rebuilt from scratch, and designed it to match better with the rest of the daedric armor.

This mod also affects the bound arrows and quiver, so that they match the changes to the daedric ones.

These models are compatible with any retexture mod, since they reference vanilla textures. The arrow head references the mace texture, the arrow shaft references the arrow texture, and the quiver references the body armor, gloves, and boots textures. In my screenshots I'm using textures from SkyRealism - Shiny

There are several different versions: Vanilla, Longer, and Longer/Closer.
- Vanilla matches the arrow length and quiver position from the vanilla models
- Longer matches the arrow length and quiver position from Proper Length Arrows
- Longer/Closer matches the arrow length and quiver position from Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows

For each of these there is also a patch for SkyRealism - Shiny.