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My first new land mod I ever made before Falamyrr Isle, you can sail there from the East Empire Company Warehouse near the Solitude docks. The mod features a new land to explore and includes a developed town/nearby dungeon with a small lore. All BETA versions current and future (V0.1 - V0.9) are subject to major updates until version 1.0.

Permissions and credits

Malazon is an Isle I created while playing with landscape editing and simulating how a town in classic Skyrim would be. It is the first Isle that I have made with functioning NPC's and a nearby dungeon and was my first ever attempt at creating something such as this. I have decided to release this mod as a BETA because there is always room for improving upon things I might have missed my goals for, plus I feel it is not 100% polished yet. All that I want from you as a downloader is for you to have fun while exploring this new area and check out what the place has to offer. If you have an in game issue, check the (important!) section down below and please pay attention to it as your problem may be related to some of the listings there.

Malazon is an island that was discovered by the East Empire company during a far away shipment of goods and building materials. They were sailing halfway to their destination when they were caught in a storm which blew them off course. Desperate to find land wherever they could to seek refuge from the storm, they stumbled upon a sizable piece uncharted land. After the storm had past, they decided to use their shipment to colonize the uninhabited land, as they wouldn't make it the rest of the way back in their current condition. After having settled there for a while, the East Empire company made their journey back to the solitude docks where they later made their report on the whole ordeal. The island has since become a routine part of trade routes and occasional travel to the mainland and back for its citizens and travelers alike.

I don't consider myself a veteran mod maker with flawless work, I make mods in my spare time as a hobby and I do the best I can with what I can manage at any given time. This mod was created and balanced around classic Skyrim's lighting, atmosphere, and assets so please keep in mind that everyone uses different things like ENB's, lighting mods, climates of tamriel, maybe they have different calibrated monitors etc. so if you are having a lighting problem please keep in mind it can be difficult to balance things to look visually perfectly for everyone. One other thing to mention is that the LOD generation for the map in the world for V0.1 seems to leave a gap in the middle where ocean shows, it's only harmful aesthetically but the map functions just fine and is better than showing a default Skyrim map.

Don't c.o.c to any location
within this Isle mod, please load this mod normally by traveling to the East Empire Company Warehouse near solitude and set sail using the boat at the docks for the best results. If you encounter any issues please head to the bugs section and submit me a private bug (via the checkbox on the bottom left on the bug reporter) and give details on the problem or any related mods you may think are associated if applicable. I can better understand how to assess the situation and prime mods for updates in a timely manner when done this way.

This mod has been cleaned with Tes5edit to the best of my ability so if any issues with Tes5edit still persist for any reason then I apologize in advance. Another thing to mention is that everyone's load order can vary widely depending on what mods they have installed (5 - x amount of mods) so this creates different scenarios for everyone and different game play experiences that I have not tested for. I personally recommend keeping a copy of your
Skyrim game or Skyrim Data folder somewhere safe when modding your game with my or anyone else's mods. This is just a safety precaution that I like to use and recommend and external drives/large usb drives have become cheaper over the years so you can snag a 64GB one from amazon for around $15-20 depending on your location.

At the moment Malazon should be compatible with every mod as it does not change or add scripts or anything of anything, it only uses classic Skyrim's assets.

The only thing required to access and play at Malazon is the base Skyrim game, and a little enjoyment c:

You can get to Malazon by heading to the East Empire Company Warehouse docks and taking the boat, this is the method I recommend please do not use console commands to teleport there as the world needs to be loaded properly.

If you have not made a backup of your Skyrim/Data folder please take the time to do so now, if you don't care then you may proceed.

1. Go to the files section and click on mod manager download and either vortex mod manager should open/run or nexus mod manager will run. (I personally don't recommend using vortex mod manager because I have not used it yet and I believe it's working out some important development issues) Once it has finished click the mod and click activate.

2. In the files section click download manually to your desktop or wherever you choose to work and extract the archive. Open the folder, right click and copy the Data folder to your Skyrim directory and the Data folder contents will be distributed where they need to go. Once this is done keep a copy of the mods Data folder so you can use it as reference for uninstallation.

1. Right click the mod in the nexus mod manager and select uninstall and delete -> from all profiles. Once it is done click it again and press the delete key to remove it from the nexus mod manage, or keep it to be notified of future updates if interested. 

2. Open the folder containing Malazon on your desktop or wherever you have been working at with it and move the window to the side. Next open your Skyrim data folder and place these two windows side by side so you have the mod on your left and the installed location on your right. Use the mod files as reference and manually delete any associated files from your Skyrim Data folder.

The following is a list of associated tools used to create an aspect of the mod with, nexus site users and authors of these tools will be listed here and credited below.

7-zip, Skyrim creation kit, BSA browser, Notepad++, Tes5edit, Tes5LODGen, Gimp

AlexxEG - creator and uploader of BSA browser tool
ElminsterAU - creator and uploader of Tes5edit
Ehamloptiran Sheson and Tes5edit Team as creator of Tes5LODGen tool - uploader zilav

You can find their tools here:

Thank you to all of these wonderful tool creators, I couldn't have made this possible without you c: