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Ever felt Skyrim's civic population is too small? Regular population mods don't impress you because NPCs there are too generic?

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This mods adds some unique minor NPCs into Skyrim cities and towns. They're purely decorative as their only purpose is hanging around and interacting with stuff their home has, such as cooking pots, alchemy tables, beds. Some of these NPCs are unarmed and weak civilians, while some are patrons and bodyguards, which will make thefts or assaults less easy and maybe beat you on try.

This mod doesn't use scripts and won't harm performance. Cleaned with TES5Edit, has fixes from unofficial patch. Should be compatible with everything that doesn't change NPC houses and shops. Does not conflict with Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul, just load my mod before it.

This mod's ultimate goal is to add:

- hired security guards to all shops
- cooks to all inns and longhouses
- criminals and scum to all prisons
- disciples to all mages and alchs
- patrons to all inns and taverns
- and keep them all unique