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15 male marriage candidates have been given a makeover! (Hair, eyes, and skin assets included)

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This started as a personal endeavor to fill in the aesthetic gap between the genders that happened in my file. I'm a mod junkie with several female NPC edits/overhauls installed, resulting in the majority of Skyrim's women being fresh and pretty. Meanwhile many of the men were still left with the pallid, withered, and severe faces of vanilla Skyrim that retextures couldn't completely alleviate. They have to be completely rebuilt if they're ever going to fit in with their female peers. Rather than immediately go hog wild with mass edits, I decided to start simple to get familiar with the process. So I started with spouses, an easily identifiable faction.

Primary goals were to: 

  • Bring selected NPCs aesthetically closer to their female peers by smoothing out their severe features and utilizing newer hairstyles
  • Maintain variation - Rather than apply one aesthetic across the board, different editing choices were made to keep the bachelor pool diverse.
  • Ensure that they're distinct in their marriageability - Not all spouses are written equal in Skyrim; with some, you're able to bond with them through quest chains, dungeons, or memorable dialogue; others become available after simple, forgettable tasks (yelling at someone, delivering an item, fetching an item, or donating a septim). Many options fall by the wayside because they've been cursed with a generic face and/or generic assignment. I can at least help with the faces.

Intentional exclusions:

Apachii SkyHair by Apachii 
ApachiiSkyHair Natural Retexture by Hein84
Better Males by Chris57
Enhanced Character Edit by tktk1
The Eyes of Beauty by Lograam
Fine Face Textures for Men by urshi
Improved Eyes Skyrim by Nazenn
KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies
Salt and Wind KS Hairdo Retexture by jasperthegnome
Snapdragon Prime ENB by tetrodoxin

These NPC edits directly influenced the creation of this mod

Bijinn AIO by rskx22 and Mebantiza
Males of Skyrim by Aberin
The Men of Winter by SetteLisette
Pandorable NPCs by Pandorable
Project SNNR - Skyrim Nobody NPC Replacer by srx910142


When installed mid-save, a neck gap may appear. This is common in NPC edit mods and is remedied through opening the console, selecting the NPC, using the "setnpcweight (value)", "enable", "disable", and reloading. Weight values are as follows:

Ainethach - 25
Angrenor Once-Honored - 60 
Balimund - 100
Filnjar - 60
Gat gro-Shargakh - 30
Halbarn Iron-Fur - 70
Moth gro-Bagol - 90
Octieve San - 1      
Omluag - 20
Pavo Attius -  50
Perth - 70
Quintus Navale -  0
Sorex Vinius - 70
Torvar - 100
Wilhelm - 55

A discolored/grey face could mean another mod is trying to make edits to the NPC. Open your full mod load in TES5Edit, go to Non-Player Actors under Livanei_HusbandEdits.esp and see if any NPCs' names are bright red. Clicking on red names will display all of the mods that use that same actor, with direct conflicts in red. From here you can decide to delete the reference to the NPC in the mod of your choice.

It could also mean that an actor's FaceGen files were never updated after a change.  Please DM me if this looks to be the cause. Sometimes it's as simple as me putting the FaceGen folders in the wrong path.