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Replaces the ugly out of place blue door used in many Solitude houses and buildings with a more authentic medieval inspired one. Made for my Solitude city overhaul mod 'Epic Cities - Solitude' but released separately for now.

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A simple mod that as mentioned replaces that hideous(imo) blue door used in Solitude's houses and other buildings with a more realistic and authentic medieval inspired one. Surprised it hadn't been done before.

I honestly couldn't stand that door. It seemed out of place and something about it was

A simple texture replacer. No mesh or esp. 

Textures are in HD (2k) resolution.

This is part of a bigger mod I’m working on which will totally overhaul the city of Solitude to actually feel more like a medieval fantasy city. Enjoy and I also urge everyone who likes this mod to check out my ambitious aforementioned Solitude city overhaul 'Epic Cities - Solitude'. It's not as performance hungry as it looks at first glance and won't set your PC ablaze. Shameless self promotion I know but guilty as charged :P

I might work on the other doors used throughout Solitude too if there is an interest. 


Bethesda for Skyrim
Medieval wood texture -
Rusty iron texture -