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These preset's are for a player character, there is a Breton & Nord UUNP. Only to be used in your game.

Permissions and credits
This preset is a Breton Citrus Head UUNP.
Weight 100
Height 97

I have made her into a Nord UUNP as well now.
Height is 100
Weight 100
There's a read me in the 7zip and I'll put one in documentations Read.

You can use any of the bodyslide presets UUNP for the body type
I tried several without any issues.

The weight of the characters can be changed after you've finished the install process, my characters weight is 60
shouldn't have any issues with the neck seam.

The Nord, I have made her to accept either Fairskin 2K, Demoniac 4K and Leyenda 2K
skin textures so what ever you want to use. She looks very good, pictures of the Nord in the
picture tab, she was neglected  to the Breton, not any more. Adjust makeup to suit the skin
you choose, as you'll see in the pictures I made no makeup adjustments when swapping skin types.
The Breton can use the same no problems.


Race Menu: v3.4.5
CITRUS Heads (HD Meshes) Standalone:

Choose a texture type from the list, or your own you never know:
Leyenda Skin: Texture 2K and 4K Goose bump (or just 2K optimized)
Demoniac- Goose bump Female Body Texture 8K 4K 2K

FairSkin Textures optimized 2k

Bijin skin unp 4K
Elegant Beauty Skin UNP-UUNP

KS Hairdos - Renewal
The Eyes Of Beauty
SG Female Eyebrows:

Soft but very recommends

KS Hairdos - Renewal BreastWeight Painted Hair:
Leyenda Skin
: Body
HDT Physics Extensions:
BodySlide and Outfit Studio:

Racemenu v3.4.5

Citrus head standalone version

Demoniac skin I used 4K goose bump version. During fomod setup pick the young face suggestion as well (for old version).

Ks hairdos - Renewal breast weight painted hair mod is brilliant, stops clipping of long hair in the chest area.


You can install this into your skse preset folder via the file, as it has the correct pathing, I use MO and have a preset folder which I merge
this file with. Just copy the name of your preset folder to this file during installation and merge when asked. Or you can Manually drag and drop
into the corresponding file paths of your preset folder.

Once that is complete go in game ~showracemenu and follow this to get her like the pictures.
First pick female then race Breton or Nord which one you chose, set body weight to 100 then go to head
type and pick Citrus head type in the slider bar.

Go to sculpt, I have put 2 files in sculpt, 1 in the main page and 1 in the preset folder. This is in case the
eyes don't form properly. Load up the main page file in sculpt, keep an eye on the eyes when you initiate the
preset as race menu has a bad habit of bulging the eyes (for lack of a better word) if this happens load the other
file in the preset folder, it will fix the problem, now navigate to the preset tab and load up the J.slot file.

You can change the eyes, hair and eyebrows to your liking.

Change Process:

Eyes, Eyebrows and Hair can be changed in the set up, I don't expect everybody to keep her looking like I have her. Each to there own.
But be-warned do not change the eye, nose, lip shape or you will be left with a
mess, if you do this by mistake I suggest quitting without saving
and starting the process again, even if you manage to get her back to (what
looks normal) trust me it will not be when you load her up next time.

If you decide to change any that I suggested, then make a new save with a new name, so you still have the original files to go back too. Just
press F5 on your keyboard click in the name tab and write the new name save.  Do this for each section, sculpt main and preset,
then preset tab for the Jslot file, (All same name). If you use MO then you'll find your saves in the overwrite folder, file paths already set so
open the overwrite folder and drag and drop into your SKSE preset folder, when asked merge.

Go in game and load up your new saves the same way as the install process and make a game save and you're done.
NMM user's I'm sorry I don't know where your saves go, as it's been so long since I've used NMM.

If you have problems or need help leave a comment in the comment section and I will try and help
Follow the Installation GUIDE and you should be fine report any bugs you find.

Thank you to all the mods used in the making of her, I have endorsed of course all of them massive thanks
if I've missed anybody please let me know.

There is no enb in the pictures I used ICant Believe Its NOT ENB 3
and use enboost instead and FaceLight

Use them in your game as you like.
I do not give permission for this character to be uploaded to any other site or for the purpose
of making money.