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Nature's Edge is a new one handed sword for your game.

Permissions and credits
Nature's Edge is a one handed short sword designed to be lore friendly, though maybe not realistic. I designed the sword to have a design that is both primitive and sleek. It is on the same tier as the ebony sword, though slightly more powerful. 

It can be acquired the following ways:
1. Craft it at a forge with: 1x Spriggan Sap, 3x Firewood, 3x Steel Ingot, and 1x Ebony Ingot. You will also need the Ebony Smithing perk.
2. The sword can be found at a certain location in game.

3. Just cheat and use the console.

Drop the files into your skyrim data folder or use your preferred mod manager.

Delete the files from your skyrim data folder or use your preferred mod manager.

Q: Can you make this weapon more powerful?
A: If you want, yeah. I won't make it overpowered though.

Q: Why does Nature's Edge have no scabbard?
A: I felt a scabbard didn't fit the design I had in mind. Nature's Edge is a blade that has essentially been jammed into a tree branch.
    A scabbard doesn't make sense with that.

Q: What makes version 2 different?
A: Version 2 makes the weapon more powerful and adds a "pseudo-quest" to improve it. You will have to kill a newly added enemy and acquire a specific 
    component in order to improve the weapon. Nature's Edge also has a powerful enchantment added to it.

Q: What is that enemy and component? What am I supposed to do with it once I get it?
A: I won't say. But near where you killed that enemy is a camp. Look around there. You might find a hint.

Q: Will you release your other mods on the nexus? 
A: I will not release my preexisting mods on the nexus. No. Future mods? Maybe.

Credits and Thanks:
Bethesda for Skyrim
Blender for the fantastic program
GIMP for their free photo editor
Substance Painter for the fantastic texturing software
Everyone who reads my stories! Thanks for the support over the last two years. I couldn't have made it without you guys.

Do NOT upload this anywhere without permission.
NONE of this mod's assets can be used in paid mods. 

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