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Last updated at 16:54, 13 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 11:35, 13 Feb 2012

This is the King of Pointy Hat's own personal home. It's located on the shore opposite the lumber mill in Riverwood. It's made to blend into the Riverwood enviroment with as little alteration as possilbe. The pier near the mill was extened to the opposite shore. The bank near the home was altered to have a gentle slope toward the water rather than a cliff. This area is made to blend with the wooded surroundings and waterfall nearby. A smelter was also added near the blacksmith in Riverwood. Some bushes were shifted to make this possible.
All containers are safe inside the home. They were duplicated and marked not to respawn.

The house is buyable for 2500 gold from Gerdur in Riverwood.

What this plugin changes:
A house is added to Riverwood.
A smelter is added to riverwood near the blacksmith.
The house is buyable from Gerdur.

Just copy the Data folder into your Skyrim main directory and merge it with your existing data folder.
Delete the "SteepledHat's Riverwood Home" from your data folder. Also delete the scripts added by this mod. Keep the download folder as a reference for which scritps to delete!!!!
Anything that builds in the same area will conflict with this mod.
Please report any error, inaccuracies or other problems to the comment thread at the download link on
I'll be glad to address any issues that may arise as soon as possible. Being such a simple plugin, I don't expect any problems, but, as always, it's use at your own risk. (Lawyer talk stuff. :P)

Re-release/ usage status:
Don't republish elsewhere. That'd be bad. If you didn't get this from then I didn't put it there.
Don't support sites that steal! :) As for using this in future mods, just give credit to all previous authors (that is
me :P) as not doing so would be a dick move. :)

You can download the mod from skyrim nexus.

Thanks to everyone on the Beth forums who helped me with the scripting. :D