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Goblins are violent and primitive small orc-kin humanoids found throughout Tamriel, often living in sewers, caves, cluttered camps and ruins, in small clan-based societies. Accompanied by their tamed Durzogs, they are known for making their camps near roads to rob travelers. Goblins are sentient, and worship Malacath.

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Goblins are small, violent and primitive orc-kin humanoids found throughout Tamriel, often living in sewers, caves and ruins, in small clan-based societies. They have green skin, big eyes with slitted pupils, pronounced canine teeth, pointed elven-like ears, long arms and little hunchbacks. Goblins worship the Orc god Mauloch, an aspect of Malacath, and since goblins are a type of orc-kin, they are protected and guided by him. Goblins were among those responsible for the original founding of Orsinium, and still offer their work to Orcs in change of protection inside their strong walls. Goblins take a traditional view to their outfits, with some rusty pieces even dating back to the First Era. This is called the "Primal" culture set by ethnographers, however, it is unknown if they inherited it from previous generations, looted it from ancient ruins, scavenged it from other civilizations, or forged it themselves.

They are known for their vicious combat behaviour with both melee and ranged weapons, although some learn the ways of magic. Goblin society is primitive and violent, and often poses a threat to the more advanced societies that surround them. While their societies are often led by the strongest and largest goblins (called warlords) or their religious leaders (called shamans), some tribes are ruled by other races, for example in Skyrim with the appearance of dragons and the civil war, many goblin clans were divided, or exterminated, many found protection inside orc strongholds, in change they need to act passive against other races with good relantionship with the strongholds, and work as sentinels and  miners. These clans have the name of the strongholds where they live, and will not attack travelers unless provoked.

Goblin shamans are usually the most intelligent members of a tribe and the ones that lead them in religious practices. The symbol of a shaman's position is often a totem (made with a goblin head) and a headdress, if taken or lost, the tribe will do everything to get it back. They are also the leaders on the docile clans surrounding the strongholds, since the warlords (commonly the leaders in wild clans) do not accepted this new style of life and are still leading aggressive and dangerous clans outside on the forests of rift, falkreath, reach and haafingar, commonly close to the roads to attack and steal things from travelers as usually goblins do. Also because the civil war, lots of bandits are now hidden on caves, caves in the past occupied by goblin clans, what makes them nowadays  basically nomadic, expelled from their underground lairs, now living in small camps outside, easely distinguable at a distance due to the heavy smoke produced by their campfires and the pile of junk scattered around the area, giving an extremely messy appearance to their camps. Sometimes you will also find them trying to take back their caves, fighting the bandits inside them. Also on the Reach they lost their ruins and caves to the forsworn, being now deadly enemies of them, and sometimes you will find them fighting against eachother for their locations. Much rarely they try to attack giants, but since they are low level creatures, commonly that try does not end well to the brave goblin clan.

It is commonly accepted among scholars that the goblin society has been devolving socially and technologically since past generations, with reports of giant clans of goblins, more articulate and well-equipped, in the first and second eras, with which it was even possible to negotiate, which ended up dividing into nomadic small packs of aggressive and primitive goblins and generally ill-equipped, with whom it is impossible to converse nowadays, and living hidden in dark, smelly caves, something similar to what happened with the Rieklings.

 Giant Goblins once inhabited Hammerfell before the arrival of the Ra Gada. They were conquered by Divad Hunding, although not entirely exterminated. A Redguard hero named Derik Hallin was famed for fighting back against the Giant Goblins upon their return to the Alik'r. Goblins are also native to the Summerset Isles, and supposedly were there when the Aldmer first arrived, being the place where most scholars speculate that goblins originated.

Durzogs are reptilian dog-like creatures that goblins raise for war and to hunt down their victims. There are those who believe that a Durzog's intelligence matches that of a Goblin, and that the only reason he obeys his master is because of his weaker mind.

The goblins of Cyrodiil raise rats in pens for their meat. And the ones on Skyrim seems to like Skeever,
as you can see on their camps, where there is allways a cooked skeever on a pole. 

Many variants to exist, and despite weak, they can outnumber you easely.
Being Orc-Kin, and child of Malacath, they are cousins of Orcs, Ogres, Rieklings, Gremlins, and others.

- 2 new creature: Goblin and Durzog-
Goblin in 6 variants: Goblin, Goblin Archer, Goblin Skirmisher, Goblin Berserker,  Goblin Shaman and
Goblin Warlord, and various tribes, all do respawn, and the shaman drops a new staff
Durzog in 1 variant: do respawn, and drop new loot

- goblim camps accross the woods

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn


Mihail- Goblins and Durzogs models, textures, animations,
sounds, loot, camps, game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

RustyShackleford69- he helped me with more lore info of this creature
CD PROJEKT RED- for the model of one of the totems the goblins use on their camps 
LorSakyamuni- for the conversion of that totem to be used in Skyrim