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Currently working on a few new dungeons to play in they do take a lot of time ass im trying to work with some new assets but it is a lot of fun im loving every bit of it and I hope you guys will enjoy them too once Ive added them

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I hope you guys are having a good new year. So ive been doing a lot of work on this mod and im starting to get the hang of some of the things and in this new update I hope that all the changes are good for peoples tastes I love working on someing like this it makes me so happy to see that you guys don't want me to stop working it I think it means that im dong a good job. so thank you guys I would have no reason to do this if no one likes it.

True Saiyan Race
By. BradP.L.1986

New Addon changes the in my opinion one of the most pointless shouts the throw voice shout to the kaioken technique with all x1, x10 and x20 

New update now live it to far longer then i wanted it to and im sorry to you guys for that,
So new features
1. new look for the saiyan spells.
2. New spells and some enchanted items.
3. New NPC.'s for the tournament space.
4. New tournament space and better fighters.
5. A new little mini unmarked quest in solthim under water near the dragon mound.
6. now this mod uses assets from dragonborn dlc not dawngaurd.

New version recommended download method

1. change your player to another race
2. make clean save
3. uninstall all files of old version esp and skeleton
4. I recommend reinstalling whatever version of xp32 you use
5. install new version and enjoy :) 

For Dawnguard compatibility I would recommend better vampires for the features they have

Added a new follower broly to the outskirts of dragon bridge he will be fighting some bandits 

*Update for broly follower adds a small home near him and worked on some new armor for him and a small rework to his spell*
Note this uses assest from modurar armor assets and bamboo home assets so thank you for your great work also there is a set of brolys armor in the home for player.

Uploaded Goku And Vegetas Outfits by  Backsteppo with a few changes  to the files to give some veritiy I checked hes page this should be fine