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This mod I made because I really like dragon ball z and was disappointed by the other race mods made to represent the anime so this is my take on it. the idea is that a lone Saiyan was sent o Skyrim to asses if it is worth the time to concur or just destroy and be done with it

Permissions and credits
True Saiyan Race
By. BradP.L.1986
changes spells

1. ki blast
2. ki storm
3. dragon's wrath fire
4. dragon's wrath ice


1. Saiyans wrath Forms shout

how to gain
saiyans wrath is now a 3 stage shout that you will need to console command the woop words in they are "form" "ascended" and "legendary"   will give you more power but the final form like most great power has a built in flaw just to make it a lil fair. IT"S OVER 9000!!!... hahaha
dragon's wrath fire and ice can be crafted in the forge with the arcane blacksmith perk and adept destruction perk.

still working on ozaru and more forms

Recommend this mod for better animation for shouting looks like a power up to me

Added a new follower with some power similar to a Saiyan he has his own spells and really likes to use them :) and he can go to form 1 
hope he can be fun for your play through he starts level 20 and will level to you to level 90 he can be found hanging around riverwood. he is standalone does not need main fill to work.
reworked his combat a bit to make him more bal

Added another follower Bryntaa she has quite a lot of pent up power and likes to use it same as Brydok location riverwood difrent powers level 20 and will level to u to 90 hope you enjoy

Changed some of the shout names to make them easer to find they r now f0rm ascended instinct. and tweeked the race a bit to have more fun with unarmed combat some of the power attacks will make enemies fly.

Next update wont be for a while as im trying to figure out a lillte more on how to make my own scripts how you guys r liking what ive come up with so far as ive mentioned this is my first mod and im still learning a lot of the ins and outs of the ck thanks to all that have endorsed and downloaded so far.