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A nordic themed small and simple hut for a lone hermit.

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This is a tiny hut (but still made as an interior cell) for a simple wanderer who likes to live in a more secluded place. It‘s located in the mountains between Whiterun and the Pale – start at the Loreius Farm and make your way up the mountain to the west, past Volunruud and the giant camp, and you‘ll find it at the top. 

I made this home for my main character, a simple non-mage Nord warrior, so you will only find the most basic needs covered: One bed, cooking pot, alchemy, bookshelves and very little but sufficient storage. No enchanting, no weapon/armor storage. 
In the exterior there is a stable with a sharpening wheel and workbench (no anvil, after all he‘s no blacksmith with a huge forge), tanning rack and wood chopping block. As a devotee of Talos I also put a shrine behind the house. 

A Russian translation has been added by miranabeta on another website

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