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CBBE HDT and UNPB HDT armored, CBBE and UNPB no armor versions, marriage, essential, Nord. Single, dual, 2H, red crystal bow firebolt archer. Located in Ivarstead.

Permissions and credits

Renata The Ruthless Lolita

Living in Ivarstead, Renata awaits the dragonborn, but there is a problem. She has locked all her weapons in a chest across the road from Valimyr Inn and has lost the key. Once you pick the lock for her, you can choose the weapons that she should have to help in your journeys. Options are 2 swords for dual wield, sword and shield, 2H greatsword, and red crystal bow.
2000 firebolt arrows are already in her inventory.

Also, parts of her armor can be removed for a more sexy look or just all out warrior the way she is.

(Vambrace will bleed through if using shield.)

NOTE: CBBE HDT and UNPB HDT versions will have armor while CBBE and UNPB non HDT will not have any armor but will still have the weapons chest.

Location: Ivarstead, Vilemyr Inn
Voice type: Sultry
Height: .98, Weight 100
Levels: 5 - 500
Marriage: Yes
Plenty of perks and self healing spell

Be sure to take away the default hunting bow.

HDT body version requires:

-  HDT Physics Extensions by HydrogenSaysHDT

-  XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended by Groovtama

NetImmerse Override needed for the boots. If you have RaceMenu you already have this. Otherwise get it here:

Credits: Caliente's meshes, mashup of Leyenda, Bijin and fair skin textures, The eyes of beauty, Apachii hair, Better famale brows.
Additional credits:
Sword of the Ancient Tongues by Corvalho1
Princess Armor 1.0.1 By MaikCG (Permissioned)
Targaryen Shield by zajkoajko
Fancy Bows by RobZom