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Confidence Man's NLA preset, modified to provide more game-able nights and indoors. STILL EXTREMELY DARK, but no longer pitch black.

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All credit goes to Confidence Man for his preset. I literally did nothing except make the days slightly longer, and made the nights and indoors a bit brighter so that it's no longer pitch black. 


1) You still need to download the NLA Weather plugin from Confidence Man's Mod. Do a manual download, right-click the data-file and click "add to data.7z", rename the compressed file to something recognizable, like "NLA Weathers", and store it in a safe mod archive folder. Then, add that file as a mod though your mod manager (NMM has the green + button), then activate it. 

2) Delete all previous ENB files. Download the files of this modified preset and add them to your Skyrim executable directory, which should be the file that contains your Skyrim launcher and Data folder (and other stuff).

3) Follow confidence man's page or the step guide or something and make sure that your skyrim prefs and enb local files are adjusted to appropriately meet the mod's needs and your system's specs.

4) Enjoy!


I made this modified preset public because for me it completes an ENB masterpiece. NLA by far had the best day-time lighting I've ever seen in Skyrim. It was just unfortunate that its nights and indoors were too black to be playable without a torch. I get that it's realistic, but it's not fun or game-able. Hence this mod.

I play at 1.2 gamma, which is about 25% brightness on the in-game menu slider. Nights and interiors are still extremely dark, and torches are still highly recommended. But at-least it's game-able.