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A friend of mine wanted me to make his cat in the game.

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In the beginning Tubbs created Aetherius and Nirn. Now Nirn was formless and empty, booze was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of Tubbs was hovering over the waters. And Tubbs said, “Let there be fish,” and there was fish. Tubbs tasted that the fish was good, and he separated the fish from the booze. Tubbs called the fish “yummy,” and the booze he called “also yummy.”

Tubbs is your new best friend. Creator of the universe, lover of fish and alcohol and also a damn good mastering engineer producing for many great bards across time.You can find him in his natural habbitat, the bar, specifically The Winking Skeever in Solitude where you can ask him politely to follow you, carry things, and just be the cutest little bugger that ever existed.

Compatibility should not be an issue as Tubbs doesn't have any quests or general weirdness that effects mods like Extensible Follower Framework of Amazing Follower Tweaks.

Credits to:
Zack Shaw - Tubbs best friend
Mihail for the cat model and sounds. If you want more cats in your game check out this mod.
Project Modularity for script templates