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Adds a camp of refugees outside the walls of Windhelm.

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Windhelm's camp for Morrowind refugees

This mod places a camp of refugees outside the eastern wall of Windhelm. The current planned level of interaction is no more than you'd get out of a mod like Inconsequential NPCs. The mod is functional as I have posted it, but it is not finished. It is navmeshed and TESVEDIT cleaned, and can probably be used with a playthrough as it stands today (9/19/2018). It is missing planned NPC dialogue and inventory, some Ai package work and compatibility patches. There are probably some bugs. I am very interested in your feedback about problems or improvements.

The idea: to prevent overcrowding in the Gray Quarter, Windhelm has allowed people to set up camp outside the gate. Everything is temporary. It could all be packed up and carted off in a day; or burned easily, if some Nords had their way. The refugees are hard luck types from what's left of Morrowind. Their trade dried up, they were fleeing the law, etc. Rather than try to build a walkway from the camp to the docks (a few mods already out there for that), I planned for a new entry point into Windhelm. The current distribution has the Windhelm portal at the stairs going down to the Gray Quarter.

I have partaken of these resources provided by Tamira:

Much thanks to Tamira for her wonderful conversions.


Texture mods should be no problem, but large changes to the Windhelm architecture textures may look weird in WHRC.

The vanilla civil war is provided for. Other civil war mods I can't speak to, especially Civil War Overhaul.

Open Cities isn't exactly incompatible with 0.184, but the portal isn't set to work with OCS yet. You can use WHRC and OCS together currently, but the portal should be ignored and I can't guarantee that NPCs won't flee there. I'm working out a portal for OCS. To ensure navmeshing for WHRC is correct, load WHRC *after* OCS.

Windhelm Docks Pathways works as long as you load WHRC after Pathways.

Qaxe's Questorium: I don't think we edit the same cells, and a quick playtest showed no obvious problems. I don't intend to expand down the hill towards the smuggler's boat, so I don't anticipate any future issues as I develop WHRC.

Windhelm Exterior Altered and Snow City do not work and won't. Both of those mods perform a large landscape edit near the edge of WHRC. In addition, both of those mods have a static mesh exposed at the same spot, so even if I adjusted WHRC to fit, I'd have to fix those mods.

Vigilant is incompatible. I don't know if it will crash your game if you load WHRC & Vigilant simultaneously, but the navmeshing will conflict and it'll look really dopey to have a busted well slapped down right in front of the immaculate Windhelm door.

Windhelm pit/arena mods: it will depend on the cells utilized, of course. The original pit was its own worldspace, and I haven't modified that in any way.

I have tried very hard to limit my edits to a small group of cells, but anything that edits the same ones is potentially incompatible. If you have a specific mod you'd like me to check, send me a message or post it in the comments.

Thanks to any and all who try out the mod.