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The mod enables creating more powerful/low value poisons (dmg health) without Jarrin Root. High difficulty gameplays only - otherwise ridiculously OP.

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The mod (tweak) is designed for high difficulty gameplays - master/legendary or otherwise buffed by other mods.

Anyone who played high difficulty gamestyle knows that vanilla calculations for poisons are caked up beyond the ken, hence this mini-mod.

It allows creating strong but low value poisons to bring back the balance for poisons for high difficulty players. 
You will be able to:
- deal high but balanced dmg health
- effectively reverse pickpocket NPC's due to poison's relatively low value.

No need for jarrin root, poison skill or mechanics mods.

Simply, the mod changes BASE POISON DMG of ingredients that by vanilla are supposed to deliver more death-kill-murder, namely Crimson Nirnroot, Deathbell and River Betty in different proportions.

With all relevant alchemy skills e.g. Deathbell + Red Mountain Flower will deal ~500 dmg, with 4 x 25% items (depending on your enchanting skills) ~1000 dmg. This means that effectively you will deliver ~250 dmg on Legendary + weapon dmg. The magnitude for River Betty is higher (unfortunately value too for this ingredient only - so River Betty based poisons will be more difficult to slip into pockets), and Crimson Nirnroot deals the most.

However , since there are 16 (18 with DLCs) Dmg Health ingredients, there is a lot of room for combinations, plus combinations with combat skills. 

Also, it's easy to combine it with Lingering Dmg Health like Imp Stool. On Legendary, such poison does not kill a Draugh Lord, might have to finish him. If you want stronger potions switch to Crimson or River Betty. You can combine it with Small Antlers to decrease Poison Resistance, too, etc.

The Expanded file allows stronger combinations of e.g. the below:
Damage Health
Damage Health + Lingering Damage Health
Damage Health + Weakness to Poison
Damage Health + Paralysis
Damage Health + Frenzy
Frenzy + Fortify Two-hand

 Level ~90 Enemies are in a world of s** :)
(see .txt in Expanded for details)

More hits per poison - flat number 
More hits per poison - skill related


Version 1 changes Damage Health for Crimson Nirnroot, Deathbell and River Betty
Version Expanded changes the above AND Lingering Damage Health, Fear and Frenzy (contains a table of strong poisons)

As usual, unzip, place in Data folder, check in Data Files. Reverse to Uninstall.

Load order irrelevant past main files, unless you are using other mods that change the same ingredients. In such case place this mod below. Obviously, it conflicts with any mod altering Crimson Nirnroot, Deathbell, River Betty or some other ingredients.

Latest vanilla Skyrim.

Comments & suggestions welcome.