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Get ready to be bummed out in Skyrim. Hobo Robes allows you to craft beggars robes and an armored version using immersive crafting mechanics.

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Want to role play as a beggar? Have a Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood contract that you feel should have you blend in with the homeless community of Skyrim? Are you an adventurer who took too many arrows to the knee, developed a skooma problem, and fell on hard times? Did you catch Faendal with your wife and attempt to drown your troubles in Nord Mead? Maybe you're just a dirtbag. Either way this mod may be for you.I highly recommend using a mod that allows you to beg, like Become a Beggar by MimiTheAlchemist, if you are going for a hobo role play.

I've made beggar's clothing craftable, made an armored version that is craftable and immersive. I've also selected some choice pieces with fun enchantments and placed them in a Thieves Guild cache in Riften. It's behind the player-home.

To craft regular ragged clothing, hat and boots you will need some linen wraps (look in dungeons) and some leather strips to hold it all together. These can be crafted at the leather crafting station. If you want to make the armored versions called Rugged Beggar's Robes/Boots/Hat, you'll need a bit more, linen wraps, leather, leather strips, fox pelts, and troll fat ( to keep it water proof). The armored versions are also made at the leather crafting station but will be improved at the armorers work bench. You need no perks to craft these. You should be able to disenchant most of the enchanted pieces found in Riften, and there's a set of two in case you have a hobo follower too.

Skyrim Special Edition Version available here: Hobo Robes - SE