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Changes the Active Effect of "Voice of the Sky" to a duration of 1 year (365 days)

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Simple little mod that changes the duration of the "Voice of the Sky" active effect to 1year (365 days). Since I didn't really find something on "how to make it permanent", I just prolonged the duration extremely. (If someone knows how to make it permanent, tell me in the comments)

You'll obtain this active effect like before (reading all 10 tablets on the 7,000 steps). Tested with my heavily modded game.

I know there's already mods that makes it last longer (week, month), but since I started a "friend-of-nature-playthrough" AND because I'm a friend of fast travel those wouldn't be enough for me.

This mod was made with the english version of the game, I don't really know if it will change the name of the spell/effect to the english name if you're using another language. If it does change the name, let me know and I'll add a warning on the description page. ;)