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Mod - Explosive Arrows

Author - eric31415

Version - 1.1

Source - Skyrim Nexus

***With version 1.1, scripts are now packed in .bsa format for easy uninstalling. Also added stagger effect to explosive arrow***

Ralen lives in the western part of The Rift, between Angarvunde and Heartwood Mill. Stop by and see him. If your archery skill is high enough, and you do a little favor for him first, he will agree to sell you his "special" arrows.


Adds some powerful new arrows to the game.

- Explosive; A searing blast damages enemies within a small radius, chance of knockdown. Staggers oponents.
- Frostburst; Cold-based, not as powerful as Explosive. No knockdown.
- Knockdown; Enemies within a 10-15 foot radius are knocked down, taking a small amount of damage.
- Reanimation; Bring your enemies (or friends) back to life. No explosion for this one.
- Poision Gas; Releases a cloud of poision gas on impact.
- Fire Bomb; Enemies and surrounding surfaces are covered in burning oil.
- Proximity Blast: Think of it as a land mine... Use them to lay traps for your enemies.

Auto-aim correction is disabled (these arrows only), making near misses possible.

All arrows currently use the daedric arrow model.

Future plans:

- None, unless someone is willing to do custom meshes & projectile anims. for them.

Extract the files, and place Explosive Arrows.esp, sound folder, and .bsa file in "The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim/Data".
Activate thru Data Files option in the launcher.
Or install and activate with your mod manager of choice.

Updating from previous versions:
Uninstall the old version, make a new save, and install the new version.


Realistic Ragdolls and Force -

None known

Please post any issues in the official comment topic for this mod at Skyrim Nexus.

Bethesda - For Skyrim and the Creation Kit
The Nexus Community - For support and inspiration

Please do not upload this mod to other sites

Translation Permission - if you want to translate this mod into another language, YOU MUST FOLLOW THESE STEPS;

1. Upload your translated version to a free file-sharing service, and PM me (my profile on NexusMods) with the link. Do not post the link in any public forums.
2. I will find someone who is fluent in both our languages to check and verify the translation.
3. If i authorize the translation, i will make the file available as an optional file on the main page for my mod. I will include you in the credits, for making the translation.

Version history:

Version 0.1
First release, includes Explosive, Frostburst, Knockdown, and Reanimation arrows.

Version 0.2
Added Fire Bomb and Poision Gas arrows.

Version 1.0
Added full quest and vendor
Added Proximity Blast arrow.