Pelagia Farm Exterior House by Degree
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Added: 13/02/2012 - 05:12AM
Updated: 18/02/2012 - 04:57AM

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Last updated at 4:57, 18 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 5:12, 13 Feb 2012

UPDATE - 18/2/12
Once again rebuilt.
*House has windows
*Working Bookshelf
*Weapon Plaques
*Blacksmith Area
*Roof Area

More stuff to be added - My character finds Alchemy and Enchanting basically USELESS so there is nothing there to do so (Only a short walk to Whiterun), and I am not a fan of houses that have EVERYTHING you need, when the world is a great place to walk and explore.
Comments and Feedback please!

UPDATE - 14/2/12
Navmeshed fully - Characters still occasionally try to walk through walls
Jackson - NPC with fully working schedule

NOTE: The following video contains a bug that totally breaks any future of this mod having a quest added... Follower NPCs (and Jackson) DO NOT want to go near the modified area after changing cells (or fast travelling) a few times...

Jackson is located within the house, he will sleep, though due to the bug he will not follow any routines - This Bug (reported many times apparently by the accent in the video) totally DESTROYS any AI element I planned to add to this mod. Next update will be too V 1.0

UPDATES in V 1.0
Gaps eliminated in walls and doors
Roof completed
NPCs wont walk through walls (Though NPC interaction wont be anywhere near what was planned due to aformentioned bug)
More stuff - Chests, Blacksmith etc


House rebuilt from ground up
Fully Navmeshed and Used by NPCs (before "Changing Cells" bug

As of version 0.1 - House contains
*a non respawning chest
*3 Beds (1 owned by included NPC - Jackson)
*1 Window so far (Using a door as I did not find opening glass)
*Woodchopping block and Blacksmith station at rear of house
*Cooking pots and fire at house front.
*Dragons land on the house and attack


Though, I noticed that the attack on Whiterun includes this area, though any of the current placements do not seem to interfere, I have not personally reached that stage of the game (I can't bring myself to take ANY sides) so the impact it has I have no idea.

*Known Bugs -
*Jackson insults the Player in a Daedric-esq voice (I dont know how this happened)
*NPCs will NOT follow into the house, or open its doors (Mercurio does follow me in, though Lucien LaChance will run around the house
*Overlapping textures