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This mod that fixes what Bethesda appears to have left out of the original game. A diary at The Silent Moons Camp gives the impression that it is supposed to have a unique forge that gives a special "vampire-like" enchantment to weapons when they are forged there. The game has 4 "Lunar" weapons that have that enchantment, but lacks a way to create these weapons yourself (short of disenchanting them).

What this mod does is make it so when you craft a weapon at the forge in Silent Moons Camp, the weapon will have this Enchantment; say you wanted a Lunar Daedric Sword, you'd gather the appropriate components to create a Daedric sword, but instead of crafting it where you normally would, fast-travel to Silent Moons camp and forge it there, no additional components required.

Each enchantment is varied based on the type of weapon. Higher leveled types (Such as Daedric and Glass) have a stronger enchantment damage and additional enchantment points, while heavier and stronger weapons, such as Battleaxes and Greatswords, have even more additional enchantment points. I included an Excel sheet in the downloads/files that shows how I calculated values for each weapon.

Lunar forging only works at night (to stay true to what the original game suggests), and it is impossible to forge regular weapons at that forge at night. I figured that since it's due to an "unknown cause," how would the adventurer be able to toggle the enchantment?
Update log
February 12, 2012 - Version 1.0 - Initial release
February 14, 2012 - Version 1.1 - Made it so that the forge only makes Lunar weapons at night, while only making regular weapons during the day.
February 14, 2012 - Version 1.2 - Bug Fixes
Possible plans for future versions:
1) Adding a special component to be required to forge this weapon, like a new ore or something.
2) Require a perk that you get through a short quest to make you "learn" how to make these weapons
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