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About this mod

Replaces reach, aspen, pine, and snowy pines with dead trees. Updated 4/5/19 with 3-D tree version

Permissions and credits

by mobiusbelmont

General Information:

- This mod does NOT place new trees in the game, it only changes vanilla trees

- This mod replaces Reach and Aspen Trees with dead models.  All hanging moss from Reach Trees has been disabled via the creation kit.

There are three versions of this mod to choose from

- The "Red Pines" version has ALL red pines. 

-  The "Red and Dead Pines" version features a mixture of leafless and red pine trees

- The 3-D version (NEW AS OF 4/5/19) features modified Mathy's 3-D trees

**Core files plus billboards are for modders who wish to generate their own tree LOD with DynDOLOD or TES5LODGen.  

- Billboards are available for use with DynDOLOD and TES5LODGen.  Use either program to mix this mod with other mods that add additional trees to Skyrim


- Combining this mod with other tree and landscape overhauls will require the use of TES5LODGen or DynDOLOD.   Download one of the "core files plus billboards" versions of this mod if you plan to generate your own tree LOD with either aforementioned program.

- If you want the dead trees from this mod to overwrite changes made by other mods, install other mods first then this mod and overwrite when asked (along with installing the billboards for both mods in the same order).  Adjust the load order so all other overhauls are loaded before DeadSkyrim.esp (they should come before DeadSkyrim.esp).

- This mod is incorporated into Dark Forests of Skyrim Full version 3D-1.  Follow link in last bullet point.  Use Dark Forests of Skyrim FULL version if you want the trees from this mod plus new forests filled with living and dead trees 


- Install only ONE main file:

- Choose Red Pines version (bsa version or loose files), Red and Dead Pines version (loose files available), or 3-D tree version (BSA only) 

- Loose files are recommended for SSE users.  SSE port forthcoming

- DynDOLOD or TES5LODGen users should install ONLY the Core Files plus Billboards (available for all versions of the mod)

- Update 1.1 should be installed after one of the main files.  NOT FOR THE 3-D version tho.  The update fixes the floating reach tree replacement models.  

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All Dead Trees is featured in this video, along with Dark Forests of Skyrim


 - Vurt for the snowy pine models and large junipers (junipers modified by yours truly)

- Mathy79 for 3-D trees and textures (many modified by mobiusbelmont)

- Zilav for TES5LODGen and billboard generator

- Sheson for DynDOLOD

-  gkb tree resource for a few models and textures

 - Hoddminir tree resource for a few models and textures
- Lush Vanilla Trees for the red pine models

- 3AM for the dead leafless trees

- billboards and custom normal maps by yours truly