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Added: 13/02/2012 - 04:53AM
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~~The Cheat Shack!~~
By: NexusTroll
Description: This adds a shack just outside Riverwood with every single item from in the game, this is a work in progress and is in the Beta stage. As of
1.1.0 it now has a nice little bedroom with weapon plaques (Now working as of 1.2.0), a bookshelf (Now working as of 1.2.0), and a neat little dragon exhibition.
This is my first ever mod done with the creation kit, please if you would like to help me learn please message me at [email protected] .
1.2.0 Made exterior look better and made weapon plaques and bookshelfs work.
1.1.0 Added The Bedroom.
1.0.0 Added The Cheat Shack to Riverwood.
Plans for the future:
-More ingots.
-Rooms with beds and chests that you can store your stuff in.
-Zoo :D
-Any ideas from you could be here (Just send them to [email protected])
Just Copy Cheat Shack (All Items!).Esp and tick it in your data folder when skyrim loads

Unistall: delete the esp or just untick box

If you like it please endorse it :D