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Makes Falkreath the city it always should have been

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The Great City Of Falkreath

A big thanks to Hodilton for showcasing my mods!

Falkreath is the hold capital of Falkreah hold and is famous for it's legendary graveyard. In fact the graveyard was there before the city. Falkreath is the site of many ancient battles. Monuments were built then and even nowadays the graveyard grows larger every day. It is supposed to be the largest and most impressive graveyard in Skyrim, but it always felt like the major cities cemeteries and your average Nordic tomb were larger. They certainly look more interesting. I always liked Falkreath, but still found it a little underwhelming compared to the major five cities.

Falkreath hold borders Cyrodiil and was once part of it and thus it has some imperial influence. The Great City of Falkreath adds new fortifications that would make the Imperials proud. It expands the graveyard, adds more Nordic architecture to give it that ancient feel and a tomb. It also tries to add a more medieval feel to the city like the cities in Cyrodiil have while still having that Nordic touch. With this mod I hope to make Falkreath feel more like a proper city and add a little immersion to every visit. This mod does not add new NPCs.

This mod is not compatible with any mod that significantly alters the area surrounding Falkreath. Interiors are left unaltered. 

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