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Adds the empire's symbol, akaviri symbol and "dovahkiin" written in the dragon language as tattoos. Racemenu required. Original mod by ItsDolomiteBaby

Permissions and credits
Original mod found here.
I take no credit for the artwork. All I did was make this a proper Racemenu plugin and fix the tattoos to actually show up.
SSE version is here.

As stated in the mod description, this adds a handful of new warpaints.
  • The Empire's symbol (or symbol of Akatosh, or the Dovahkiin, same thing really) on the right cheek.
  • "Dovahkiin" etched across the neck/throat in Dovahzul (the dragon language)
  • A combination of the two tattoos above.
  • The Akaviri symbol on the left cheek.

 With the proper coloring, they can be made to look like they were branded into the character's skin, hence the name of the original mod and this version.

To install:
Drag and drop into your data folder, or use MO/NMM. This mod does not (and should not) overwrite anything.

To uninstallsimply remove with your mod manager or remove the following files/folders:
  • data\DovahkiinBranded.esp
  • data\DovahkiinBranded2\Textures\Actors\Character\Overlays\DovahkiinBranded
  • data\Scripts\Source\DovahkiinBranded.psc
  • data\Scripts\DovahkiinBranded.pex

Screenshots were all taken in SSE, but the tattoos look exactly the same and you can see more on the original mod's page. Mods shown are Pride of Valhalla (Midgard/4k version for UNP) Superior Lore-Friendly Hair textures, The Eyes of Beauty and The Truth ENB.

Feel free to upload your screenshots!

1.0 - Initial release
1.1 - Fixed the ESP because I'm dumb and uploaded the wrong thing.