Riftweald Manor - Useable Home by dobbykins
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Added: 13/02/2012 - 03:53AM
Updated: 29/02/2012 - 01:55AM

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Last updated at 1:55, 29 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 3:53, 13 Feb 2012

--In order to get the textures/colors in the images, please download Sexy Riften, by Horrorview:

This converts Riftweald Manor in Riften into a useable home, with changes including:
- master bedroom has a hidden safe, with chain for the cabinet behind the bed, and key on the mantle
- back balcony has chairs and a chain to drop the ramp
- all barred doors accessible from the inside and out
- enabled bed
- player-owned chest by the bed (don't trust it completely just yet, though the zone should not respawn)
- bandits removed
- updated lighting, particularly upstairs, and modified main upstairs room (removed pillar)
- alchemy and enchanting room, at the entrance from the back balcony
- small bedroom upstairs, perhaps for a companion
- decorated front balcony
- noisy basement traps removed
- greatly improved main stairs, to replace the stepladder that was there previously
- trapdoor in basement for easy access to the Ragged Flagon
- portcullis in basement to keep npc's from wandering into the traps

IMPORTANT: Make sure you don't use this if you intend to complete the Thieves' Guild quests, but have not done so yet.

I would be thrilled to receive any constructive feedback or criticism.

Version history:

0.7: Portcullis and trapdoor added in basement. Lighting updated throughout the house.

0.6: Bug fix in basement with clipping issue. Lots of work on the main set of stairs.

0.51: Removed the traps in the basement which, once set off, would create noise perpetually.

0.5: Back balcony now has chairs and a chain to drop the ramp, if it isn't done already. Kitchen downstairs is de-cluttered, tidied, and has a useable cooking area. Bedroom now has a safe hidden in the cabinet. Chain to open cabinet is behind bed, key for safe is on the mantle in the bedroom.

0.4: Removed pillar and chain in downstairs study (why have a chain for the "secret" door?). Added an upstairs bedroom for a companion. Some more decoration both inside and outside for the upstairs.

0.3: Fixed companion pathing so they will now enter and leave through any door. Also added two basic chairs to the front balcony, as requested. :)

0.2: Changed the cluttered room off the back balcony into an enchanting/alchemy room. Updated lighting in the main room in front of the bedroom and removed a pillar from the middle of the room.

0.1: Working doors, bed, and chest.


If you would like to use anything contained in this mod, please just let me know and cite my name when doing so.