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Makes dungeons darker. But not pitch black. Script-free & lightweight.

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What does this do?

It makes dungeons darker and more atmospheric. DLC dungeons are included as well.

> Shadow casting lights will look more impressive and scenic
> It does not make dungeons pitch black. 
> Torches will be more useful now.

Look at the screenshots for examples.

How does it do it?

By editing the vanilla lightning templates/presets and simply making the basic ambient light darker.  

> The basic dungeon imagespace has been made slightly darker as well. 
> The dungeons themselves are untouched  and unedited = I haven't deleted any candles or torches, I haven't moved around any objects etc.
> There should be 0 impact on fps/performance.
> There are no scripts added by this mod.


As mentioned above, this mod only affects the light templates and one default dungeon imagespace. If another mod edits this things as well there's gonna be a conflict. Not a ctd conflict, but one mod will overwrite the other. Everything else should be fine.

No, I don't have a list of which mods are compatible or not.

Good to know

Check the video tab for a comparison video by Chaodynn. Compares: Vanilla vs Darkened vs Darkened + ELFX.

Some dungeons might not use the templates. Or only use part of the templates. If you find a dungeon that is still too bright, post a comment and I'll sort it out.
I haven't had time to test every dungeon in game yet.

If you have any modded dungeons that uses vanilla lightning templates they will be darkened as well.

Draugr enjoy relaxing with cozy candlelights and a good book.