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Dev Aveza Airship - updated, optimized, new features

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Dev Aveza Airship K747

This is an updated version of the Dev Aveza Airship mod, created by Deapri and updated by Kojak747 with the assistance of ShockLizard. I adore this mod and it is my most used player home and thanks to the help of others I have updated it. ShockLizard reached out and re-wrote the scripts, optimized them and included new features. Credits to him, the guy did great work. 

Deapri spent a lot of time creating his mod and he is rightly protective over his work. The work I carry out will respect Deapri's original vision and retain his original aesthetic. There will not be any major changes to the mod and the work carried out will continue his plans and hopes. That means the Airship model, its interior, textures, sounds and NPC's etc will be retained. Deapri retains the right to retrograde anything he disagrees with.

This initial release includes: 

  • Re-factored and optimized scripts, increasing performance, response, and stability. 
  • Fully working LOD so you can see your airship from afar.
  • Depth Check on HotKey - use during flight for ladder activation check.

Future plans:

  • Re-introduce other features and fixes from the original, like the skinned actor in attached mode and slidefix in the walk on deck mode.
  • Alternate beacon function to fly airship to your location.

Installation, Updating, Uninstalling, and Compatibility - Important! 

This mod is a revamp of the old Dev Aveza mod. Updating from the other version is not supported, nor recommended. If you choose to try updating anyway, run a script cleaner or a program of similar nature before updating. It's also advisable to perform a clean save and cell reset before installation.  Future update procedures to this version will be notified in the comments. Uninstallation of scripted mods like this is not recommended.

This mod is incompatible with Legend of The Dragonborn, Solitude Walkway.

Optional Files

Blue Palace Terrace is a Skyrim mod not on the Nexus. It's worth acquiring but conflicts with Dev Aveza and Palaces Castles Enhanced. There are several patches available. You can download it here >

  • Dev Aveza rear scaffolding  - moves the scaffold behind Solitude Arch
  • Patch for Blue Palace Terrace and Dev Aveza
  • Patch for Blue Palace Terrace and Palaces Castles Enhanced
  • Patch for Blue Palace Terrace and Dev Aveza and Palaces Castles Enhanced

Original WIP Description


I did not make this mod. It was created by Deapri, thankyou for your mod <3

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