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An Argonian Paladin hailing from Black Marsh who has decided to settle down in Skyrim and join the Companions.

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Ishmael is an Argonian Paladin of Anzselthjel born, raised, and trained in the Argonian homeland of Black Marsh. Trained by his Father, who also was a Paladin of Anzselthjel, Ishmael spent countless days learning and perfecting the Art of Combat. Shortly after his Father's death, the Paladin would adventure all across Tamriel and help all who were in need before landing in Skyrim. While crossing the border, he was captured and interrogated by the Falmer. After serving a hefty prison sentence of two years for "Illegal Border Crossing", Ishmael finally found himself in Skyrim. With nothing but his armor, his sword, and few gold he sought out the Companions. Through many trials, his mettle was tested before being accepted. Now, he works to help the people of Skyrim through their Civil War, hoping for the greatest journey of his life to begin.

Currently, there are two versions of Ishmael. Vanilla, and modded. The modded version requires Dawnguard, Immersive Armors by HothTrooper44, and Immersive Weapons by HothTrooper44.


Vanilla 1.0.1

Modded 1.0.1

-Voice Acting, to sound cool and be a legit mod
-Quest to add LORE and shiet.
-Dawnguard DLC Quest, cause why not?!
-Dragonborn DLC Quest, cause Morrowind! Solstheim is a place near there, right? No? It's owned by Morrowind, though!
-Secret Addition! You'll never be able to guess what it is.