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Fura Morrard and Lilija Snow-Shod reborn in spirit form.

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Most people who've played Skyrim know about Fura Morrard, Angeline Morrard's daughter who was killed when fighting for the Imperials. You may also know of Lilija Snow-Shod, the daughter of Vulwulf and Nura Snow-Shod, who died shortly after enlisting to the Stormcloaks.

Well, this is a little mod which adds both characters as ghost followers. They act just like normal followers, but they're ghosts. You can see through them and everything. I used some known info about the characters as a basis of the characters designs, so don't get upset with me when you realise Lilija's not that great, since she was a Battle Maiden (more of a healer than a fighter. Probably why she died.)

Fura can be found in the catacombs in Solitude, and Lilija can be found in the Hall of the Dead in Riften.

Like all my other mods, do leave comment if there appears to be an error.


And yes, this is the first mod I've uploaded without nudity.