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Shipwrecked off the coast of an unknown island, you must survive while searching for a way off the island and on to Skyrim. While searching for a way off you may discover an ancient Dwemer city and other ruins lost to time.

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Please be aware that this is backported from Skyrim SE. There may be issues. Everyone's setup is different. It seems to be working on my computer. Let me know in the comments if something is wrong and I will attempt to help fix any issues. Thanks

You were aboard a ship to Skyrim. Along the way a terrible storm throws the
ship off course and the ship crashes on the shores of a long forgotten
island. As the only survivor of the ship you will have to survive on the
island while discovering ancient Dwemer Ruins. There are cabins around
the island that you can set up a small player home in. At each cabin is
all the necessary crafting stations for a survival game. There are
gardens at each cabin for all your alchemical needs. There is a large
focus on exploration. You will find a ship to repair to make it to
Skyrim. There is also a ship at Dawnstar that will give you an option of
starting the shipwreck quest or just safely arriving at the island for
players that don't want to start a new game. Both ships have storage for
all the items you collect. There are weapons and armor that can be
upgraded with gems found around the island. There are quests to find and
complete while on the island.

This started as a small project of mine to create a cool professional looking island environment within
the creation kit. It eventually evolved into much more than that. When I
started the project I had no experience in scripting. So a good bit of
the content is me learning how to script and trying out different
systems. The areas around the island are also fairly varied as I would
try new ways of making an interesting landscape.

Overview of Features:
- Survival focused gameplay with a mysterious island to explore
- Start a garden at 1 of 3 locations. Plant things found around the island
- Upgradable weapons
- A new Companion that can be summoned and upgraded. (Basically a summon spell but it lasts a while)
- Storage on the repaired ship and the ships from Skyrim. So save everything you find and bring to Skyrim with you.
- large City to explore
- Multiple Quests
- Get to the island from an alternate start or from dawnstar.
- New craftable items/ furniture to set up small camps at a couple hunters cabins around the island.
- And More...

Quick Tutorial:
Once the game starts on the coast of the island press TAB. Select Magic and
go to Powers. It would be a good idea to favorite all the powers you'll
be using.
This would be:
Campfire- Resourcefulness: Use this to look for wood, chop wood (if you have an axe or hatchet), create campfires, create items.
Hunterborn- Scrimshaw: After Hunterborn loads you can favorite this power. Use this to create more items.
Ineed- Actions: Use this to eat food, drink water, refill water....
(There will probably be others depending on which mods you'll be using
Once set up, use Resourcefulness and select "Gather Branches" Then use the
power again and select "Create Item." Go to "Wood" category and create
"Stone Hatchet." From here you can use the power again and "Chop
Deadwood" for firewood. 

I found it a good idea to go into Hunterborn options and disable timescale on processing dead animals.
This way the screen won't fade every time you harvest an animal.  (Just a
personal preference.)
Another helpful thing for me was to go into Hunterborn options and set Process on what happens when you activate a
dead animal while crouching. This will automatically go through the
motions for you instead of having to click every time you want to
harvest animal parts and pelts. After you set it you'll need to crouch
and activate a dead animal three times to go through all of the
processing. (Harvest Animal parts, Skin Pelt, Dispose body)

From there just play the game how you wish...

Side Note:

This mod was made with new characters in mind. But this being a Bethesda
game, I wanted anyone to be able to play however they wish. So I added a
ship at Dawnstar that will take existing characters to the island. This
ship now has an option to start the game at the shipwreck start as well
as just taking the ship to Dawnstar. 

I strongly recommend you download the following mods for better survival gameplay.  
Hunterborn SE for better hunting and more crafting.
SkyHUD to disable compass. The compass really ruins the discovery aspect in my opinion. 
Harvest Overhaul Redone for better harvesting.
INeed- Food Water and Sleep for realistic needs. 
SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators for more realistic animals.

Please let me know what you think of the mod and endorse if you like it. I hope you enjoy it.

Special Thanks to:
Arthmoor for his permission to create an addon for Alternate Start - Live Another Life
Chesko for his permission to create addons for Campfire - Complete Camping System
Kudara for all the comments and suggestions from my old mod page
D35CV1V11 for all the testing and issues pointed out
Astakos for help with cleaning up the esp and other general tips
BongZong for all the suggestions and kind words
Kregen for all the suggestions and kind words
And Everyone in the comments section for pointing things out and for the kind words.