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The high daedra Xivilai are bluish brutish humanoids, taller and stronger than a dremora, at service of destruction-oriented princes such as Dagon and Molag Bal. Xivilais form one of the main clans of Oblivion, the Xivilai Clan, alongside Dremora Clan they had a very important role in the invasion of Tamriel and Battlespire.

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The high daedra Xivilai are brutish humanoids,  taller  and stronger than a dremora, with bluish skin, red or white markings in their arms, chest, legs and head, white eyes, black goatee and horns that protrude from their forehead. They have long ears, a menacing look, and are depicted with long fingers and claws. Xivilai wear minimal clothing - the only protection they have is an armored kilt, gauntlets and kneepads, and a plating  collar on their upper body. They utilize fireballs or shock magic, and have a strong spell absorption bonus. They carry a daedric greatsword or battleaxe, and are strong enough to wield this two-handed weapons in one hand.
Commonly at service of destruction-oriented princes and realms, Xivilais had a important role in the invasion of tamriel in the oblivion crisis 200 years ago, alongside dremoras, and the lesser daedras, that they command. Pior to that they also had important role on the invasion and destruction of Battlespire. Xivilai clan is one of the major high clans of Oblivion, alongside Dremora clan, Xyvkin Clan (a xivilai-dremora hybrid) and Shardai Clan. In Skyrim 2 variants are seen, the Xivilai (commonly dagon servant), with red marks on his body, hair, and a lighter skin, wielding a daedric greatsword and using fire magic, and the Xivilai Immolator (commonly molag servant), slightly stronger, bald, with darker skin, white marks, and using a big daedric battleaxe and shock magic.
You will find Xivilai being summoned by high level conjurers, also serving as guardians on some mage dungeons, leading lesser daedra. The spell to summon the Xivilai can be bought from some spell vendors such as falion and phinis gestor, and the spell to summon Xivilai Immolator can be find on a table on the inside of mehrunes dagon shrine after completing this daedric questline.

- 1 new daedra in 2 variants-
XIVILAI (common and Immolator)

- they have new sounds, behaviour

- custom spell to summon both variants

- more daedra to your game

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn

This mod should be compatible with almost all other mods

ABOUT MIHAIL MONSTERS AND ANIMALS: It will include animals, monsters, undead and Daedra to expand your gameplay in an immersive and lore-friendly way. Since I don’t have many yet, I’ll be releasing individual mods for each creature, but in the future, I will release a complete Mihail Monsters and Animals pack.


Mihail- Xivilai models and textures,
animations, game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

RustyShackleFord69- helped me with more lore information about this creature
AlanovichRomanov- for the tatoos texture
Derok- for the claws of the hands
DrFring- i used part of his textures as base in order to create part of my xivilai textures
GarryG- i used his daedric armor textures in the Xivilai Immolator armor parts (but are modified)
MCFlyVII- i used his daedric armor textures in the Xivilai armor parts