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This tutorial is an explanation the use of some of the scripts I use in my mods.

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A Brief Explanation And The Use Of

I've been asked many times to help friends with these scripts and how to implement them in their own work. This tutorial is an explanation on the use of some of them. I've tried hard to keep it simple enough for even "noobs" to follow. (We are all noobs in certain areas...) This is the sort of information that I wish I had when starting out. So, I hope it will be of help to others.

The archive contains: 

  A PDF with the tutorial 
  All the scripts 
  KST.esp (A small cell where you can follow the tutorial for yourself without messing up any other mods.)

There is also an optional download of the images used at higher resolution.

Please don't ask me anything more advanced than what is contained here. As, I only have a very limited knowledge of Papyrus and won't be of much help. The forums would be the best place for that.

If you have better code or methods, please do share. That way everyone will learn and benefit.

I feel This is complete and have worked through the lessons several times with no issues. But, it may still contain errors that I've missed. Please let me know if I've made any. Don't be shy. I promise I won't bite...

Creation Kit
A Papyrus Compiler
A Text Editor.