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Since I struggled like hell to find actual BodyGen Templates so I could look at the Syntax to set up my own, and the Bodyslide to BdyGen generator refused to run on my Rig (Possibly due it it wanting Java 8 and I'm running Java 10 - who knows.) I Figured I'd save anyone else the trouble.

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This is a RaceMenu BodyGen Template.

It requires Racemenu and NetImmerse Override for it to actually do anything so make sure you have those installed.

I decided to upload it for 2 reasons:

1. For anyone wanting to use BodyGen but didn't want to go through the complicated and not very well documented steps to get BodyGen working.
2. For anyone who wants to set up their own but is unsure about the syntax of the morph.ini and template.ini files.

Feel free to use these as you see fit.