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Forgotten Mountain Keep is a large player home buried inside the Throat of the World with displays for all vanilla weapons and armor as well as many of the games special items.

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It's back!!!

Forgotten Mountain Keep is a large player home inside the Throat of the World. There are displays for all vanilla weapons and armors as well as displays for most if not all special items in the game. Many of the items are stored in their own themed area of the house.

This mod is in English, but to fit with the lore of the Keep the names of the keep, and rooms are in dragon language. However the books, displays, doors... etc (things you interact with) are mostly in English.

To get to the house you must have met Paarthurnax and be capable of defeating four dragons to get the keys to the four wings of the house. (loot the dragons for the keys)

You may also get the house using console commands, to travel to the location, but if you have not completed the main quest you could break your game. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Some history on this mod.

First credit where credit is due. This mod is the work of Derekm17x and Loganfarlane with some minor optimizations by me for SSE.

I have played Skyrim since it first released an this was one of my favorite house mods for a nice collector/hoarder run before Dragonborn dlc was released. Sadly in 2013 my Computer died and I lost everything. Shortly there after The author of this mod disappeared and the mod went with him. I have been searching for this mod on many different mod sites and after 5 years of searching (off and on) I stumbled onto a site where this mod was still hosted.

What I have done so far. (Oh and I am a total noob at modding so I have not done much)

Gotten permission from Loganfarlane (one of the original authors) to redistribute this amazing work.

Reuploaded mod to Nexus for all to enjoy.

You can find this for SSE here --> Forgotten Mountain Keep SSE

I have not observed any major issues so far (knock on wood) with any of the 200 + mods I am running. I have noticed some lighting issues such as flickering but those are minor things that I choose to ignore.

Lastly this is the orginal mod so while it will work as a house for all DLC's there are no special displays for the Dragonborn items and I don't have the ability to create anything new for this mod. Anyone who can do more than me is welcome to provided the give credit to the original authors (Derekm17x and Loganfarlane) and myself Drachenangel.