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This mod replaces many vanilla NPC's in Skyrim with people from Game of Thrones.

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I liked the Game of Thrones Replacer Mod and wanted to finish it. I can't make them look perfectly like the actors with Creation Kit, but they look close. There are probably a few I forgot to type into the list, there are so many. This is my first real mod. This won't work with most mods that change the vanilla npcs because I have changed so many of them. If there is an error look for a mod like that. I made a lot of NPCs into followers and marriable. That might mess with the quests if an important npc is following you around so be careful. You can look on the wiki to see every quest you need the character for. If the name on here doesn't say anything about being changed it's probably a new NPC so you won't have to worry about the quests.  You might need to give them a sword. Most NPCs I put in that they don't affect your stealth, hopefully that works because it's so hard to sneak with a follower. I changed the names on the map. There are duplicates of the same person. I just updated it in time for the last season of Game of Thrones so please update it. There were a lot of npc's with grey faces. 

You will need this mod

Game of Thrones Armor Compilation

You might need ApachiiHair 1.6 full and female 1.5. In the original mod it didn't say anything about needing it and it seems to work alright but I have the mod already. I changed the dog followers in the game into Direwolves, and changed the dragon names to Game of Thrones dragons. These are the people I changed:

Solitude / King's Landing  (Mostly in Blue Palace)

High King Torygg into Robert Baratheon (you will not find him in the blue palace because he is dead i put him there for the picture)
Jarl Elisif into Cersei Lannister
Thane Erikur into Jaime Lannister
Thane Bryling into Myrcella Baratheon
Falk Firebeard into Lord Petyr Bealish aka littlefinger
Bolgeir Bearclaw into Sandor and Gregor Clegaine aka The Hound and The Mountain 
General Tullius into Tywin Lannister
Ahtar (the solitude executioner) into Sir Illyn Payne
Captain Aldis into Meryn Trant
Gendry that replace Beirand in Solitude
Thoros of Myr is Belrand
Tommen Baratheon
I changed the inn into Little finger's brothel
Tyrion Lannister
Erdi into Shae
Jord into Cersei
Rorlund into the High Sparrow
Freir into Unella
Irnskar into Kevan Lannister
Jawanan into Lancel Lannister

Roggveir into Eddard Stark, they execute him when you first go to Solitude.

Markarth / Dragonstone (Mostly in Understone Keep)

Igmund the jarl of Markart into Stannis Baratheon
Thane Faleen into Lady Melisandre
Raerek (Igmund counselor) into Ser Davos Seaworth
Podrick Payne is Vorstag
Selyse Baratheon
Shireen Baratheon
Argis into Stannis

Windhelm / Winterfell

Jarl Ulfric into Eddard Stark
Galmar Stone-Fist into Benjen Stark
Jorleif (Ulfric counselor) into Robb Stark
Catelyne Stark
Arya Stark
Bran Stark
Rickon Stark
Sansa Stark 
Jon Snow
Stenvar into Beric Dondarrion
Sifnar is Hodor
Silda is Osha
Calder into Ned
Kjar into Ternesio Terys
Adeleisa into Maege Mormont
Sofie into Lyanna Mormont
Oengul into Mikken
Brunwulf into Rodric Cassel
Lonely Gale into Jeor Mormont 
Torbjoyn into Harald Kastark
Nilsine into Alys Kastark
Tova into Tova Kastark
Adonato into Howland Reed
Elda into Jyanna Reed
Luaffyn into Jojen Reed
Meera Reed
Grimvar into Ned Umber
Hillevi into Heather Umber
Torsten into Smalljohn Umber
Idesa into Lady Umber
Tulver into Greatjon Umber  
Jeyne Poole
Valon Poole
Old Nan


Madanach into Mance Rayder (doesn't work fine WIP)
Kaie into Karsi 
Odvan into Tormund 
Duach into the giant WUN WUN
Braig into the Lord of Bones
Uraccen into Styr the Thenns

Falkreath Hold / The Reach

Jarl Siddgeir into Renly Baratheon
Margaery Tyrell that replace Nenya in Falkreath jarl's longhouse
Loras Tyrell that replace Helvard in Falkreath jarl's longhouse
Dengeir is Mace Tyrell
Telka Is Olenna Tyrell
Thengeir is Randyll Tarly
Rayya into Lysa Arryn

Dawnstar / Iron Isles

Jarl Skald into Baelon Greyjoy
Madena into Yara Greyjoy
Jod is Euron Greyjoy
Erandur is Aeron Greyjoy
Bulfrek is Theon Greyjoy
Gregor into Baelon

Morthal / The Vale

Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone into Lysa Arryn
Idgrod the Younger into Alys Arryn
Joris into Robin Arryn
Aslfur into Yohn Royce
Falion into Qyburn 
Valdimar into Renly

Whiterun / Dorne

Jarl Balgruuf the Greater into Doran Martell
Hrongar into Oberron Martell
Farengar Secret-Fire into Maester Caleotte
Irileth into Ellaria Sand
The Jarl's three kids into Oberron's daughters
Fianna into Elia Sand
Gerda into Sarella Sand
Proventus Avenicci into Tristan Martell
Commander Caius into Areo Hota
Aela into Tyene Sand
Njada into Obara Sand
Ria into Nymeria Sand
Uthgerd into Brienne
Jenassa into Ygritte
Lydia into Ellaria

Riverwood / The Crossing

Alvor into Walder Frey
Sigrid into Walder's dead wife
Their daughter into Shirei Frey
Lucan into Stevron Frey
Camilla into Derwa Frey
Gerdur into Waldra Frey
Serra Frey
Sara Frey

Winterhold / The Real North
Jarl Korir into King Mance Rayder
Malur Seloth into Tormund Giantsbane
Thaena  into Ygritte
Kraldar into Styr
Dagur into Lord of Bones
Haran into Karsi
Birna into Gilly
Thonjolf  into Craster
I added giants on the road west of Winterhold close to Saarthal
Mag the Mighty
5 Giantesses

Kynesgrove / The Dreadfort

Kjeld into Roose Bolton
Kjeld the Younger into Ramsay Bolton
Idra into Walda Bolton
Ganna into Elizabeth
Gemma into Myranda

Ivarstead / Riverrun

Jofthor into Edmure Tully
Boti into Roslin Tully
Klimmek into Blackfish

Riften / Meereen

Laila Law-Giver into Daenerys Targaryen
Anuriel into Missande
Saerlund into Daario Naharis
Unmid into Barristan Selmy
Wylandriah into Doreah
Grey Worm
Jorah Mormont
Marcurio into Daenerys
Iona into Missande

Dragon Bridge / Castle Black

Jeor Mormont
Alliser Thorne
Eddison Tollett
Benjen Stark
Jaremy Rykker
Bowen Marsh
Othell Yarwyck

Rorikstead / Horn Hill

Mralki into Randyll Tarly
Erik the Slayer into Dickon Tarly
Melessa Florent
Talla Tarly

Thieves Guild

Mercer Frey into Petyr Baelish
Brynjolf into Lord Varus
Karliah into Ros

Dark Brotherhood

Astrid into No one 
Arnbjorn into jaqen h'ghar
I changed the quest targets for the assassinations into the people on Arya's list. I dont want to give it away.

Mages Guild

Savos Aren into Archmaester Ebrose
Arniel Gane into Maester Caleotte
Brelyna Maryon into Melissandre
Colette Marence into Talisa Stark
Drevis Neloren into Maester Aemon
Enthir into Maester Volarik
Faralda into High Priestess Kinvara
J'zargo into Maester Cressen
Mirabelle Ervine into Mirri Maz Duur
Nirya into Maggy the Frog
Onmund into Samwell Tarly
Phinis Gestor into Maester Luwin
Sergius Turrianus into Maester Pycelle
Tolfdir into Three Eyed Raven
Urag gro-Shub into Maester Wolkan
Ancano into Pyat Pree

Raven Rock / Essos

Lleril into Sealord Ferrego Antaryon
Adril into Tycho Nestoris
Veleth into Syrio Forel
Geldis into Illyrio Mopatis
Fethis into Belicho Paenymion
Tedryn into Salladhor Saan
Garyn into Xaro Xhoan Daxos
Mirri into Hizdahr zo Loraq
Glover into Razdal mo Eraz
Dreyla into Kraznys mo Nakloz
Mogrul into Oznak zo Pahl
Milore into Cohollo
Cindiri into Qotho
Slitter into Haggo
Tilsu into Mago
Vendil into Aggo
Moro's wives
Khal Drogo
Khal Moro
Khal Rhalko
Khal Forzo
Khal Qorro
High Priestess of the Dosh Khaleen